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This week’s theme for the 52 week project was people and pets. Nearly a stumper, I contacted a friend I hadn’t seen in a couple years and was delighted when she said that her dachshund and kids would be around for the afternoon on Saturday.

Sheesh time flies! Althea (now 6!) and Burton (nearly 9!) haven’t stopped growing at all! (I’ve known these friends for years, I photographed Althea on her first birthday!) Piney, the dachshund, still looks like himself, though his 5 years has turned him into more of a sausage vs a wiener.

We hung out in the backyard, and created completely unscripted moments. There was one shot I wanted to recreate from 2 years ago…

The owner of the legs is the sassy Althea! Not only has she gotten taller, but those feet of hers have grown too!

Burton & Althea

I wanted to capture not only the relationship of Piney with his people, but the movements and interactions he had with them. Luckily Piney was all about sticks, so we could lure him into action!


Impromptu posing with Piney, who was too busy to care as he chewed on his stick.

Sticks, grass, bugs and a stuffed dragon were all called upon to get Piney’s attention. Some methods worked better than others!

Piney can catch treats balanced on his nose! (Sticks don’t work as well!)

We giggled a ton, entertained not only by Piney but Burton & Althea’s interactions and silliness. I love capturing the moments.

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