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As of June 2024 Short & Sweet Sessions are no longer available!


Welcome to the meet and greet series of the sessions at About A Dog Photography!

You’ll get to meet each of the sessions – Digital Dog, Short & Sweet, Teenie Weenie, Shitty Weather and Puppy Series – and learn what makes each session unique. 

The last in the series is the Short & Sweet Session!

What is the Short & Sweet Session?

Short & Sweet Sessions are shorter in duration (20 minutes!) and offered exclusively a few times during the year, typically during the summer and when the fall colors arrive. 

The session goes like this: 

  • We meet at the location of my choice (if you want to pick your location the Digital Dog is your pick!)
  • I meet your dog / dogs and you and we begin!
  • Locations for Short & Sweet Sessions will offer tons of diversity in backgrounds with less strolling, since we are on a time limit!
  • We pause, ask for a sit, a lay, a stand in place and look at the lady making mega goofy sounds. 
  • This process repeats for the duration of the session. Low key, fun and chill as we meander for 20 minutes.
  • The session ends, we depart ways – me to start curating your gallery, you and your dog to head home and snooze the evening away. 

In regards to “posing” –  it will always be an ask. Do you think your dog will sit/stand here? Put their feet up? Lay on the lumpy bumpy ground? If the answer is yes or probably then we will direct your dog to what we would like them to do. If it results in a stand vs or a lay vs stand, no worries we will work with it! We will ask once or twice and if we get a nope from your dog, we’ll adapt and carry on.

The aim is FUN! If the ask doesn’t mean fun for your dog, we won’t push them. 

What kind of images will be captured during your session?


– Shoulders and up of your dog’s head (classic like any portrait you have had done in your school days).

Full body portraits

– Portraits with your dog’s full body, in a sit, lay or stand. 

Action shots

– Your dog walking with you away and towards me, your dog running away and towards me (if you can hit me with a ball you get bonus points haha!), swimming, shaking off, carrying a stick – all ways your dog is in motion!


– Whiskers, toes, noses, eyes, ears, tails, butt swirls, all the details that make your dog who they are!

Your bond

– From family portraits to your hand on their head, your hand and their paws, your dog at your feet and any other ways we can capture the bond you share with your dog. 

Some other things you might be wondering:

Do we have to stick to one location?

Yes we do! 20 minutes will give us enough time to stroll slightly, but not enough time to cover a lot of ground or visit multiple locations. 

Why can’t we do pictures in the middle of the day?

We could…. if you want hard dark shadows, overly bright whites, crispy contrast and possible squinting dogs (people for sure squint in middle of the day light!). Backgrounds can be overly bright, and shade can be dappled, just not the ideal for stunning portraits of your dog. 

Instead if you want the dreamiest, warm, happy light then the timeframe of two hours before sunset is when the light will be the best. (It’s called golden hour due to this lovely golden light!). I favor evening golden hour as the light wanes into sunset vs the golden hour of the morning due to the color of the light and geez that sunrise can be EARLY!!!

Though…. depending on what we want to achieve we may have to consider different times of the day.

Looking to head to the lake, get a still stunning reflection and some lifting fog? Then we are going to need to be at the lake at sunrise (lakes in MN are typically calmest in the morning). The same rule applies for frost, dew and morning fog. If we want to experience it, we will need to arrive at sunrise. For sunrise golden hour will have 2 hours after the sun rises for the best light.

Wanting to do epic hiking through the woods and forests for your session? We will need to bump our time earlier in the evening especially the deeper we go inward. Trees tend to block a fair amount of light the deeper we go into the depths. 

And if you have the power to… order us up a cloudy day that breaks at sunset into puffy clouds that a bathed in stunning colors… shucks I can’t order that up either!

Does my dog need to be leashed? 

Yes! Since we are out and about your dog will need to be leashed during the session. Leashes will always be edited out of your final images so your dog will look like an off leash superstar!

When is the best time to do a Short & Sweet Session?

When they are announced! These are exclusive, limited edition sessions that are only available a couple times during the year. Classically they land in the fall with fall colors. Summer and the winter holiday season can also have Short & Sweet Sessions too, stay tuned for the announcements throughout the year!

How do I book a Short & Sweet Session?

Want to be the FIRST to know when the Short & Sweet Sessions are available? Sign up to be a VIP here: VIP form

Texting or calling to see when the next Short & Sweet Sessions will be happening – 320.428.0135 . You can also email () though it can be slower for response times. Skip sending pigeons – Blue will either chase or eat them… 

Let’s capture your dog with playful, vibrant and classic images in a Short & Sweet Session!

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