Why your dog needs pictures

I know its easy to say someday I’m going to get good pictures of my dog. Then the days roll into each other and then that exuberant puppy is a wonderfully spoiled adult, who then gracefully grows into greys and a slower gait.

The days continue to flow until the time when your dog departs from your company. It can be quickly, or slowly, but in the end you are never ready for the last kiss, the last breath, the twinkle that fades from their eyes. Cue the tears. The grief. The heartache when you see an empty food bowl, a collar on a hook instead of neck, the space in your bed.

And when the pain and heartbreak ends, we remember them. The way they pranced through the snow, chased the mail truck, swam in the lake, farted while they slept on 3/4 of the couch and performed the best tricks for that tasty piece of whatever was being eaten.

Our memories are paired with the pictures we have of them. The cell phone pictures, the snapshots from simple cameras and possibly the professional pictures from a dog photographer all help us to keep the memories of who our dog was near to our hearts. Memories of that spunky puppy, the (sort of) well trained adult, and the gentle old soul.

Take pictures of your dog or hire someone for portraits or do both.

But most importantly – cherish you dog and create memories with them.

In the lifespan of About A Dog Photography, I have lost two dogs.

My very first dog, best buddy and constant companion with the cutest ears and a kind, gentle soul, Mick, passed away in 2013. Then my rottie Icey unexpectedly passed away in 2016. She was my velcro dog, a couch hog, master farter and loved everyone.

I am grateful that I have thousands of images that chronicle the antics of this duo. And I’ve got thousands of matching memories of them. As long as I remember them, they are always with me.

How are you going to remember YOUR dog’s story?

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