We’re Turning 9!

OH HECK YES! About A Dog Photography is turning 9 this year! PAW-TY!!!!! (And egads, it’s been 9 years already?!?)

Break out the cupcakes & pupcakes (pop over to Nadia Cakes or Three Dog Bakery to snag yours) and let’s CELEBRATE!

Gifts? We love them! 

We LOVE to give them too!

Gifts you can win:

  • 8 Short & Sweet Sessions + $125 print credit + Atomic Collars collar (value: $275)
  • One full Standard Session + $250 print credit + Atomic Collars collar (value: $525!!!)

There are 3 ways you can win – via Facebook, via Instagram & via here on the website & blog!

Enter each giveaway as many times as you want and if you don’t win one of the first 8 your entries will go towards the grand prize of the Standard Session! (If you win, you won’t be able to win any of the other giveaways including the Standard Session.)

Want to know when you can enter?

  • #1 & #2 will air in duo – watch Facebook & Instagram on Thursday June 3rd for the announcement 
  • #3 & #4 will also air in duo – keep an eye on the blog & Instagram on June 8th
  • #5 & #6 are another duo – they will show up on Facebook & for the VIPs (not a VIP? Sign up here!). June 11th it happens!
  • #7 will be announced via Instagram on the 21st
  • #8 kicks off on Facebook on the 25th
  • #9 – the BIG ONE –  will be picked on the very last day of the month!

All instructions and details will be included with each giveaway opportunity. 

To enter the BIG ONE / Standard Session:

1. Comment on this blog post for entry #1!
2. Enter one or all of the giveaways! 1 entry per entry!
(I should know you enter via Facebook, but you may want to DM me via instagram so you get correct credit!)
3. Wait for the drawing at the end of the month!

At the minimum you will have up to 9 entries, at the max… this depends on how may times you enter! 
Entries open from June 1st through June 30th 2021 for the Standard Session. Best of luck!


Dogs of Minnesota

The theme on the week – [breed] of [location] … um… enter a blank space. 

St. Cloud. No particular dog breed pops into mind. There are doodles, labs, pointers, shepherds, big dogs, small dogs and ample mixes that can be strolling around the park by my house. 

Sure we could talk pitties (we did that recently) or yammer about the dogs met at the dog parks (also done recently) but it would feel like a solid repetition in a short time. The blank continues accompanied by the realization of how small of a dog community there is in St. Cloud. There’s small gatherings of people at the dog parks, there are a few outdoor patios were you can have a bite to eat and chill with your dog, but if the weather chills or rains, you’re back home & cozied in. 


Minneapolis & St. Paul. ALL THE DOGS! Huge dog community and TONS of places you can go inside with your dog, including breweries! There are corgis, doodles, danes, mixed mutts and more. Finding a meetup of a group of dogs would be easier to accomplish. Heck there’s even a super awesome group of people who meet up at breweries with their dogs called Dogs of MSP (of course with covid the meetups haven’t been happening, but they are awesome when they do!).

Plus there are tons of dog friendly events hosted by Sidewalk Dog! So many dogs!!!

Dandy, minus… I don’t live in Minneapolis. Or St. Paul. Or any closer than an hour away in distance. Which makes popping out for an evening meetup with a group is less likely to happen. (Plus the past year has been non conducive for meet ups.)  

Hmmm…. perhaps we have to do another shoot with Bender. (If you didn’t hear, Axle has gone to the rainbow bridge. His derpy face is greatly missed.) Though a post just about Bender is a little biased and doesn’t exactly lend to the plural of pittie in the area hahaha!


That’s right, I composed a book in 2019 called Dogs of Minneapolis! Featuring a ton of awesome pups paired with iconic locations around Minneapolis. Plus portions of the sales go to a trio of rescue groups!

Overall they make up what I think of as dogs of Minnesota. Big, small, mixed breeds & purebreds and each full of personality. Dogs as diverse as the people who call Minnesota home. Here’s to the dogs of Minnesota!

Next up professional dog portraits by Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography help Dallas – Fort Worth bulldogs get adopted! Remember to read through all the blogs and circle back to us!

Here’s to you Axle!

10 years old. 10 years of having you as part of my life. (Technically it’s 10 years the day after Christmas, but who’s counting?)

From a derpy 7 month old, to a derpy 10 year old covered in grey hairs from face to feet to butt. The most annoying play with me all the time dog (when he was younger), the endless retriever, lover of water and swimming (I swear he was part fish) and champion dock jumping. He was the puppy who loved tug of war and continued to be a tugger into his old age. If it wasn’t with ropes, it was with dog toys who would end up decapitated or amputated. Throw the decapitated head! He didn’t care, just wanted to play all the time. 

He had an underbite and could brighten everyone’s day with his boxer eyes and lip caught in an Elvis snarl. Jowls for days and he could shoestring drool like a champion. 

He was the inspiration and muse for About A Dog Photography. 

2012, when Axle was first brought home / 7 months
2021, Axle at 10, all those character greys

Dog Parks Near Me | St. Cloud MN

Looking for something to do with your dog outside and make new friends? Check out some of the dog parks in St. Cloud MN!

(Note: you will need an Off Leash Pet Exercise Areas permit to use the dog parks. The yearly cost is $20 for residents of St. Cloud or you can get a daily permit for $2. Make sure your dog has a current dog license as well!)

Wilson Park / 625 NE Riverside Drive, St. Cloud, MN 56301

Located right on the river, this park has a big beach area (prepare for muddy or sandy pups!), a large area for running, games of chase and dodging trees. Geese do bed down in the park so there is often tons of goose poop – your dog may be tempted eat or roll in it. There isn’t a separate area for small dogs or dogs who are nervous. You don’t need to bring water as your dog can drink from the river.

While this park is fenced, the fence doesn’t keep dogs from swimming around it. If your dog is an avid swimmer, keep an eye on them so they don’t swim into the adjacent park and have a free run!

Community: there are regulars who frequent the park, pending on time of day you’ll meet one to ample other dogs and their owners.

The dogs are: Buddy (brown chocolate lab mix) & Hobbes (cream golden retriever mix)

Friends of Whitney Dog Park / Forest Drive, St. Cloud, MN 56301

Tucked against the Sauk River, Friends of Whitney Dog Park is a few parks away behind the new YMCA. It’s one long area with lots of trees, a couple of benches and a water fountain for people and pups. Plus there’s a covered shelter with tables underneath for when the days get hot.

Need a break from the park? There’s a bridge over the river to a series of trails. Keep an eye out for turtles, there’s been some big snappers lounging on the paths in years past.

Community: active, you’ll meet 2-5+ dogs and their people, pending on time of day (there were 6 dogs there when I stopped by)

This is how you get to the trails across the river!

Jaycees Park / 1111 N. 37th Ave., St. Cloud, MN 56301

Nestled next to highway 15, the Jaycees Park is a smaller park with two separate areas – one for big dogs and one for smaller dogs. This park is very open with few trees and no water access – remember to bring water esp as we roll into summer. This might be a park to avoid in the middle of the day during hot weather. One picnic table per area.

Community: quieter, this is a less popular park with lack of trees and water – you might get the park to yourself!

Within a short drive distance from St. Cloud you can go to:

  • Sartell Dog Park / 1105 Pinecone Central Park Blvd Sartell, MN 56377
  • Millstream Park / 725 Co Rd 75 W, St Joseph, MN 56374
  • Grey Face Rescue / 7316 Ridgewood Road, St. Cloud, MN 56303
    They have an indoor dog park (not sure if they have restrictions with covid). It would be best to contact them for info.
  • Sam & Danni’s has a dog park, contact them to see how you can use it

Bring out your pup and meet some new friends! If you don’t have a pup who is a good fit for dog parks, you can go to the dog parks by yourself! (Bender isn’t good for dog parks). Pet the pups and strike up conversations with fellow dog people. Or just opt for strolls around the neighborhood.

Next visit VP Shoots Photography capturing pet portraits and pets with their families in the Tampa Bay area to learn about dog parks in her area! Remember this is a blog ring so visit everyone until you land back here!

5 Places to Adopt a Pitbull in St. Cloud MN

Looking to add a pitbull into your family? Below there are 5 places you can adopt a pitbull in St. Cloud MN.

But first…
Did you know there isn’t actually a breed called a pitbull?

Pitbull is a term that get put upon bully style dogs and can include the terriers – American pit bull terrier and American Staffordshire terrier – along with American bulldogs, boxers, Staffordshire bull terriers, cane corsos and other blocky headed bully type dogs. Which makes adopting a “pitbull” a bit more of a variable as they may be full American pit bull terrier, mixed with assorted other dogs or not even have a drop of bully breed within them!

Variables aside, if you’re adopting a dog coined a pitbull, who has the look of a bully breed there are somethings you will need to know:

  • They can be total buttheads and you may not click right off the bat, but once you do you’ll be besties
  • They are smooshy, loveable, great snugglers, snore, and love to lounge as much as hike in the woods
  • They can have a high prey drive – cat friends need slow intros
  • Pitbulls can be dog reactive or dog aggressive which means no playdates & dog parks, proactive walks, no new dogs to the household
  • There is a ton of stigma around them. People will move out of your way when you’re walking, put space between themselves and your pitbull and lift or move children out of range of your pitbull.

And the stigma holds throughout conversations with people. There is the belief that a pitbull will just one day snap and attack its owners (nope), that their jaws lock (also nope, but they do have a strong bite), their brains swell and it makes them go crazy (nope) and it’s unsafe to get a pitbull from a shelter or rescue because you don’t know their history (it’s totally safe to adopt a pittie).

As in adopting any dog, it will take time to get to know your pitbull and his or her personality.

Oh man check out this baby hunk! This is when I was first fostering Bender!

Are you ready to adopt a pittie?

Here are 5 places you can adopt a pitbull in the St. Cloud MN area:

Good luck finding your next pitbull family member!

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