Dogs can’t see red! Plus 5 facts about red you didn’t know!

Did you know that dogs can’t see red? It’s true!

Dogs are dichromatic, meaning they only have two kinds of cones in their eyes (humans are trichromatic which means 3 kinds of cones!).  The red cone is missing from dogs’ eyes which means they can’t see the color red, but instead they see grays or dark browns. 

The red cone is missing meaning that dogs can’t see red, nor tell it apart from green. Instead they can see in blue and yellow tones as well as muddy browns, blacks and greys. Though, in their red color trade off dogs gained a broader peripheral vision and ability to see better in the dark than humans. 

Crazy that dogs can’t see red! 

Here are 5 facts about red you didn’t know!

  • Due to its long wavelength, red is one of the most visible colors (second only to yellow) in the color spectrum!
  • Red was the first color humans fabricated, reproduced and turned into different shades! 
  • The Middle Ages held red in religious significance – the blood of Christ & the fires of hell. 
  • Red amplifies feelings of attraction, passion, romance and can increase heart rate. 
  • In comparison with other colors, red provokes the most potent emotions – from power and dominance to anger to excitement, passion and love. 


And speaking of love, we are a week from Valentines Day! Ah Valentine’s Day! The holiday celebrating all things love, desire and passion.

The holiday harks from ancient pagan lineage – either as the festival Februalis or Lupercalia – and was a day of sacrifice, passion and drawing partners for the year to come (hoping they would result in marriage). Evolution was pushed by the Church in the early days (though not fully adapted), then as trends and civilization evolved further change arrived for Valentine’s Day. Letters sent to loved ones were one of the first traditions, evolving into Valentine’s cards of ornateness (and de-evolving into mass produced hand out to classmates cards.)

The second tradition was giving a gift to a person you loved and adored, along with the Valentine’s card. Now there are bunches of flowers, stuffed animals of ginormous proportions, prepackaged cards and candies of every heart shaped variety! All in various shades of … RED!

We had a friend stop by – Wendell! He’s Blue’s friend, smaller, floofy and very sweet! He was eager to pose as long as there were snacks (though sitting next to things was weird haha!).

Isn’t he MEGA cute???? Thanks Wendell for helping out with the red backdrop!

And… did you know these epic backdrop images are set up… in my garage? Heck yes! The little heater gets turned on, the trio of lights setup and the backdrop gaff taped to the floor and viola! 

Below are more images featuring the red backdrop! Check out those EPIC Blue catching treats images!

So even though this red backdrop is rather bold to us, dogs like Blue and Wendell, aren’t able to see the vibrant red like we do! 

5 thoughts on “Dogs can’t see red! Plus 5 facts about red you didn’t know!”

  1. Dang, Blue is really coming into his own as a top dog model. What a little cutie pie. These are all such great Valentine’s Day photos.

  2. I love those fun red facts! I did not know half of them. Also love all the glam shots with the Valentine’s Day theme. Great blog.

  3. I almost bit the bullet and got a red backdrop for Valentine’s Day this year but I didn’t. I’ve never shot on red and I use my garage too but I’m guessing mine in NC isn’t quite as cold as yours! I didn’t realize that dogs can’t see red!

  4. Both Blue and Wendell look stunning on red and make amazing models! Fun pictures for Valentine’s Day! Very interesting facts on the color red. That makes sense that they can see better in the dark – I’ve always wondered how Halo can jump on or off the bed in the pitch dark night without getting injured haha!

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