For Photographers:

Hello fellow photographers!

You’ve got a bazillion questions and I’ve got a bazillion answers so let’s join forces and up your knowledge! 

Each 1 hour mentoring session can either be in person or via Skype. 

We can talk about anything! Camera settings, posing dogs that aren’t yours, scouting locations, dog body language or we can walk through an actual shoot together for an intimate brain picking. We can also talk editing from white balance to head swapping and advanced leash removal. 

(Look for the one that says 1 hour mentoring!)

How do we know you’re legit?

My credentials: 

  • 1 bazillion years of Photoshop (15+ in reality)
  • 9+ years of Lightroom
  • 18+ years shooting with a DSLR
    – Nikon primary, familiar with Canon & Sony
  • 4+ years off camera flash OFC with strobes
  • 11 years as a dog photographer

Photography skills in: dogs, portraits, landscapes, lightpainting, night photography, freelensing, long exposures, HDR and more. 

It’s a rather expansive brain with a ton of knowledge to share!

Learn better with a self paced course? We have those too!

Beyond the Barking Basics is a stellar course that will get you beyond just pointing your camera at your subject so you can begin to create epic images.  Topics covered include: 

  • Aperture // what it is, how to manipulate it, what does it do
  • Depth of field // how is it manipulated 
  • Shutter // what it is, how to manipulate it
  • ISO 
  • White balance
  • Raw vs jpg
  • Introduction to light // learning to see it & use it 

Ready to take the next step even further?

Make Manual Your B*tch is the next step! (arriving soon)

Topics we will cover:

  • The light meter
  • Setting the settings
  • Light
  • Creating the balance
  • Correcting exposures
  • Principles & rules of design

Classes into the future could include: studio lighting, studio lighting outdoors, smaller classes focusing on single topics like aperture & shutter. We may even dabble in courses on the topics of bracketing, lightpainting, night + dog & waterfall + dog. Suggestions for courses are always welcome!

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