Meet the Session: Shitty Weather Session

Welcome to the meet and greet series of the sessions at About A Dog Photography!

You’ll get to meet each of the sessions – Digital Dog, Short & Sweet Session, Teenie Weenie, Shitty Weather and Puppy Series – and learn what makes each session unique. 

Next in the series is Shitty Weather Sessions

What is the Shitty Weather Session?

This session takes place from January to March, during the shitty weather season when it is too bloody cold to be outside for portraits (general rule of thumb: it needs to be 15 degrees or warmer to do a session outdoors, including windchill.) So when it is too cold outside, we move indoors!

And what makes a Shitty Weather Session different than a Digital Dog Session? BACKDROPS!

That’s right, from crisp paper (light blue, pink, red, dark green, black or white) to massively funky patterned backdrops, these are playful “studio” sessions. Swing by my house and I’ll have the garage prepped and kinda cozy (our garage tends to stay chilly but not freezing cold in the winter, I’ve got a little heater that helps). 

These sessions are great for fun, classic studio images with or without winter holiday props. 

The session goes like this: 

  • You arrive at my garage, park in the driveway next to my Outback.
  • Open the gate and come in the garage door.
  • Everything is set up and ready to go! Studio strobes, backdrop and ample treats (if your dog has allergies let me know!).
  • Leash off, collar off if you want some “nudes” of your dog. 
  • We wrangle your dog on the backdrop, with or without holiday props, and capture playful, fun, silly and classic images. 
  • This session is QUICK – 10 minutes and we wrap! Perfect for super busy schedules. 
  • You and your dog depart, waiting for the gallery to arrive within 2 weeks of your session. 

In regards to “posing” for the Shitty Weather Session – there will be TONS of treats and loads of luring. We will ask your dog to sit within the perimeters of the backdrop and aim their attention towards us. If your dog lays instead of sitting, we’ll work with it for that image, then ask your dog to reset into a sit. 

Backdrops and props can be a little weird for dogs, don’t worry if your dog doesn’t feel comfortable next to a prop or sitting on the backdrop. Blue is pretty much a pro model and still is weirded out by the paper backdrop if he backs up into it. 

The aim is FUN! If the ask doesn’t mean fun for your dog, we won’t push them. 

What kind of images will be captured during your session?


– Shoulders and up of your dog’s head (classic like any portrait you have had done in your school days).

Full body portraits

– Portraits with your dog’s full body, in a sit, lay or stand. 

Treat Catching Shots

– Your dog, their mouth and epic drool as they catch treats tossed their direction. Fun and full of humor!


– Winter holiday props – Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Mardi Gras and Easter all can be incorporated for fun images to share or create cards with!

Some other things you might be wondering:

Do we have to stick to one location?

Yes we do! Shitty Weather Sessions are ALWAYS indoors with a backdrop, the main location being my garage.  If you’d like to stroll outdoors with more time, the Digital Dog is a better fit!

Does my dog need to be leashed? 

Nope! They are free to explore the garage and be “naked”. If your dog is mega bouncy and won’t hold still, we may have to leash them to wrangle them to the proper area.  

When is the best time to do a Shitty Weather Session?

Anytime between January to March! And time of day is open too! We can shoot in the morning, the middle of the day or into the evening. Being indoors and a studio, it doesn’t matter when we have the session!

How do I book a Shitty Weather Session?

Head to the online booking to see the available dates from January to March! Book your session online! This is the fastest way to book!

Texting or calling is the second fastest way to book a session – 320.428.0135 – while emailing () can be slower for response times. Skip sending pigeons – Blue will either chase or eat them… 

Let’s capture your dog with playful, vibrant and classic images in a Shitty Dog Session!

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