Dogs & 4th of July – safety & tips

We have entered July with the 4th landing tomorrow! Happy birthday USA!

Now there are definitely loads of things that surround the 4th – barbecues, pools, guests, and those booming fireworks from small to big. And we want your dog to stay safe throughout it all. 

Dogs & 4th of July tips:

  •  Guests
    OMG how exciting that the friend of the friend of the friend is coming over! You may have not seen a plethora of your friends and haven’t had them all over to your house at once in ages, but don’t forget your dog may not have met all of them or may become overwhelmed by all the new people and smells entering your house. Keep excitable pups on leash, allowing them to greet guests when they present a calmness that will keep their paws on the floor. Provide a quiet place for your dog to retire to if they need a break be it a crate or a separate room. Treats will help reward good behaviors (your guests can hand them out too!) and a bone, Kong, or special chew toy is a great way to keep your dog busy as guests mingle. 

  • Barbecues
    Tasty meats in a delightful row upon the grill… mmmm! Make sure your dog stays out from under foot and doesn’t interact with the grill (we don’t want burned noses or paws). Those tasty foods smell good to us and they smell a bazillion times more tasty to our dogs. Sharing them is ok in moderation but avoid giving your pup any bones. Avoid passing them anything with a spicy sauce or rub, anything too fatty, and definitely no onions! If there are ample handouts, you may want to consider cutting some of your dog’s food down so they don’t overeat. Also be aware that some of these treats may cause upset in your dog’s tummy and cause soft to runny poops. (If these persist longer than a day afterwards, consult your vet.)

  • Pools
    Although we haven’t entertained “classic” hot summer temps yet (and it may rain tomorrow) pools are still a lovely place to dip your toes, swim or float to pass the lazy days. Include your dog as you see fit – ALWAYS with supervision! Make sure there is a way for your pup to exit the pool (wet dogs are infinitely heavier than when they are dry – keep that in mind if you are planning on lifting them out of the pool). Moderate the amount of time they spend swimming giving them breaks to get drinks and have a break from the water workout. After pool time has wrapped up, give your dog a solid washing to remove any pool chemicals from their fur and to avoid any irritations. 

  • Fireworks
    Delightful explosions in the sky in various colors and sizes. We as humans are enthralled by them, dogs not as much. If it is the first time for fireworks with your dog (new puppy, newly adopted dog), stay home. If you live in town and are in range of the big fireworks, you can see how your puppy or dog does with the booms. No fussing, no stress? Enjoy the fireworks from your yard (or at least the sounds). Next year consider a less congested park or a friend’s house where you can see the fireworks but aren’t surrounded by crowds of people without an out in case things get scary. 

    If your dog is stressed out by the fireworks – shaking, panting, cowering, anxious – you may want to consider making your home environment as quiet and stress free as possible. A movie, popcorn to share, blankets to wrap your pup and help muffle sounds. If that doesn’t work, consider loading your pup for an evening drive out of town. Bring a flashlight, some bug spray and hang out watching the stars. If you head to a park, make sure you’re allowed to be there as many parks close at dusk or 10pm.  Most firework shows are 20-30 minutes and once wrapped the evening should calm. 

    Or head to your parents’ house in the boonies, the cabin up by the lake, or a mini vacation away from civilization for a day or two with ample exploring for the day to give your dog a break from the fireworks. You’ll know what is best for your dog. 

These tips will help you and your dog have a safe and fun time while celebrating the USA! Happy 4th of July from Blue, Kris, Kellen & myself! 

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