Snow day & dogs – Minne-SNOW-ta has arrived!

Indeed, Minne-SNOW-ta has finally arrived! To those not in our neck of the woods, we haven’t had a covering snow in a long long long time. In fact, Christmas day it rained. And was brown. With balmy mid 30s to 40s temps. 

For those of us living here, it was comfortable temp wise, though a little weird to not have a white Christmas. 

With the arrival of the snow on Monday, it meant the weekly adventure to Tri County Humane Society on Tuesday would sport a lovely, crisp white floordrop for each of the assorted dogs to pose within. (Oh you didn’t know I was volunteering there weekly? Yup! I started back in August!)

First up, the energetic, bouncy, LOVES everyone… Schnapps! He’s a cattle dog mix, a year and half old and started life as an outdoor farm dog. He and his buddy found it enjoyable to chase cattle and now they are looking for new homes to settle into. Want a bouncy (he can jump up to face height!) energetic, happy dog in your life? Opt for Schnapps!

Next up, a slightly naughty, energetic 6 month old puppy Buddy! He’s a German shepherd x husky mix and brimming with puppy energy. Its thought that he may have been under socialized as a younger puppy and may have a bit of reactivity towards other dogs. With slow, positive interactions with other dogs and the world this pup will blossom into a wonderful dog. While we hung out, I noticed a bit of alarm barking at various sounds – makes me think he’s a little over watchful (akin to the German shepherd perhaps?). Otherwise he’s a wonderful bouncy and sometimes naughty puppy! Also, did I mention how AWESOME his ears are???

Following was an energetic, compact lady lab Suzie! Classic to labs I meet she LOVED treats and had a whole bundle of excited energy. This girl needs a home that will help her continue to come out of her shell, expel that excited energy in games of fetch and loads of treats & snuggles. 

Last up, the brindle beauty Konky! This lovely lady has been at TCHS quite a while, so let’s aim to get her a new home! She knows how to sit, shake hands and throughly enjoys treats. Though… she’ll pull you like a freight train to get to different places while on a leash! Also… she’s crafty. She figured out how to open the sliding door at the back of her kennel to let herself outside in the back kennel area! Another quirk you will get with this lovely lady… she SCREAMS when she whines. No barks, just a very loud whine to let you know that she would rather be walking out the door with you than staying at TCHS. (Teaching a quiet or whisper would be ideal, perhaps she’s completely different in a home setting!) She would be a wonderful companion and she’s mega cute in her brindle paint job!

And then… my camera battery died. Which meant Spike (husky mix, he’s talker and quite friendly) and Kodi (big Pyrenees) weren’t able to have their pictures updated! (Also no assorted cats either, drat!) Hopefully they aren’t at TCHS next week, but if they are, BOTH of my batteries are fully charged!

Note: all of the adoptable dogs are on leash for safety. Leashes and eye boogies have been removed to focus on each of the dogs available for adoption. 

Looking to add a new dog or cat into your family? Stop in to Tri County Humane Society (Tuesdays I’m there in the morning, you might see me!) or peruse their website for the perfect addition to your family! Yes, adoptable dogs are adorable in the snow, but they’d be much more adorable in the snow in a yard of their own!

1 thought on “Snow day & dogs – Minne-SNOW-ta has arrived!”

  1. Minne-Snow-Ta…I see what you did there. LOL.
    Tri County is so lucky to have you to showcase these pups with beautiful snow images! I hope every one of them finds a soft place to land

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