Hello you!

EEEEEEK! Its awesome to meet you & your dog! Welcome to About A Dog Photography!
(If we have met already in real life at an event or via the socials, its wonderful to see you again!)

The Process:

Step One: Touch Base

You’ve gotten a chance to meet me (you’d be wrapped in a hug & happy greeting were it not for this space between our screens) but we haven’t gotten to meet each other!

The best way to do this?
– Call/text: 320-428-0135
– Email:

(there’s also Facebook, and  Instagram. Smoke signals and messenger squirrels not recommended as Bender will eat them before they can deliver the message…)

For some dandy trivia about me, Cahlean, and About A Dog, pop over to the About page!

Step Two: About Your Dog

Now that we’ve met, tell me about your dog.

How did you find each other?  How long you’ve been together? Was it love at first sight? What are the things they do that always makes you giggle and make your the day better? Or tell me how they are a complete doofus or lug head! If your family has 2 or more dogs, who’s who?

Step Three: Plan Your Session

A. Pick your season: winter, spring, summer & fall
B. We’ll discuss the perfect date & time
C. We pick the perfect location: urban alleys or pristine park?

*Our schedule does book quickly – figure 2-3 weeks out. If you’d like those marvelous fall colors, start thinking about your session in August!

**If you have a dog that is terminally ill or elderly, we will adjust our calendar to get you on the schedule ASAP. 

A & B. In the spring & summer your session will be in the evening, roughly two hours prior to sunset. In fall & winter darkness comes earlier and we will still follow the rule of two hours prior to the sun setting to maximize the best light of the day (this means sessions start at 2:30 vs 8).

More of an early bird?  Morning sessions are available in the two hours after the sun has risen. 

 C. Speaking of location, we can gowhereever your heart is happiest. Or you dog is! We can hang out at your house & backyard, meander to a nearby park or go on an adventure to somewhere new. Not sure where to go? Here are some of my favorite places around St. Cloud and my favorite places in the Twin Cities!

Step Four: Your Session!

The date arrives! Eeek! I’m excited to meet you and your dog! 

The first handful of minutes will be in making in person acquaintances. 

From there we stroll. Into the woods, down the path, towards the mural, with pauses in the perfect parts for posing and treats. 

Your dog may be shy or think the giant eyeball of the lens is an uncomfortable stare – no worries! We’ll take our time.

From there we will explore, play, and have fun!

The more fun we make your dog’s session, the more relaxed and happy they will be. If we ask for a sit, but get a lay, we’ll work with it!  We’re going to let your dog be themselves with a little gentle direction if needed.

Additionally there will be a plethora of silly sounds – I will howl, meow, bark, buzz and make all kinds of odd noises to snag the attention of your dog for an instant. Feel free to be impressed (or giggle at me haha!). Aside from the noises, there will also be treats GALORE!

Step Five: The Viewing Session

Two to three weeks after your dog’s session, we will meet for the Viewing Session either at your home or a local coffee shop (Caribou is my favorite!). Together we will oogle at the images of your dog and then pick the favorites that you just can’t live without. 

 Meet & pick the products that will be your storytellers.

All of those detail shots you wanted? They will look amazing in a lay flat Album on a coffee table (the 8×8 size make awesome brag books to show off at work!).  The action shots you requested? They will look playful (possibly hilarious) as a series of Circles or Metals in a wall collection. And the one of you and your dog? Showcase your bond with a stunning piece of art in Acrylic

After we wrap up the Viewing Session and depart ways the behind the scenes magic will start. This magic will edit out leashes, eye boogers, body parts from leash holders, an odd leaf or debris to make your dog’s images perfect. 

Step Five: Your Dog's Artwork Arrives!


The day arrives (2-3 weeks after the Viewing Session) when you will get the news that everything is finished and ready to go home to you – and wait until you see them!!!!! Eeeek! ♥ Enjoy!

Gus & Zeus, the mastiffs, in matted & framed Prints  2 – 11×14 & 2 – 16×20 / Investment 3600 \\ Gatsby & Dublin, the pugs, in 3 – 20×20 Metal circles / Investment 1650 \\ Shiloh, the sheltie, in Metal wall art 2 – 16×20 & 2 – 20×30 / Investment 2600