Granting your dog Imortality
Through Vibrant Playful images.

Oh hi!

I’m Cahlean (cah-lean)!

Dog mom, photographer and your dog’s storyteller. 

Dogs of Minneapolis - A barktabulous book

Dogs of Minneapolis is a vibrant book, sturdy in size but petite in girth, featuring stunning images of local Minnesotan dogs paired with iconic Minneapolis locations. 

Did you know: 10% of sales go back to a trio of local animal rescues!

How to make your dog immortal:
Prints & wall art (digital images too!)

Get your knowlege on with Courses!

Helping you to grow your skills in photographing your dog. From steps to inspire you (without a fancy camera needed) to getting Beyond the Barking Basics, hands on into Manual mode, and plus Quickie courses that are bite sized awesome bits that will get you making EPIC images over the weekend!