Every dog has a tale.

We’re here to help you tell it through classic, playful, vibrant images. 

Love Notes

Corey has never experienced anything like this, so I was a little concerned about how he would do, and how long he would work with us. But, the reality was that Corey had a blast, and that helped me relax. You really were able to work with him, and he responded to you. It shows in the images you captured. Corey knew he could trust you, and as a result, you were able to get some great images.

You truly captured Corey's spirit, in every way.

Debbie Corey James's mom

My fear was that the prices would be too expensive and I wouldn't be able to do any payment plans. The prices are very reasonable for a professional and I was able to make payments which was great! I did not feel judged or rushed about payments which made the experience even better.

If you want amazing quality memories(not calling them pictures) of your fur babies then About a Dog Photography is perfect for that! The memories I have of my best friend Moe have been captured like no other. Every page [in Moe's album] is like a real moment in time that I can reminisce over and over for years to come.

Amber Moe's mom

We were a little concerned as Brody has never been photographed by a professional before.The session went great! The moment you came in the door we could tell Brody was going to respond to you in a positive manner.

You are very professional in how you handled our dog and we are certainly pleased with the photos that were captured. We can tell that you truly enjoy what you're doing and that you have a way of putting pets at ease with you and your camera.

Deb Brody's mom

Why capture the tale of your dog?
For you. 

For the memory of your constant companion, best buddy, fur kid
& friend to embrace & cherish even after they have left our sides. 

Because this tale is about a dog. 

About YOUR dog.  

About A Dog Photography 
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