I am Cahlean (pronounced ca-lean), the spunk & creative behind About A Dog Photography.

I'm mom to these two distinguished gentlemen.

Axel aka Puppy. GAH! He's getting so grey! He'll be 10 this year!
Bender aka Bubba. He's a master at destroying toys. He'll also be 10!

Ooo fun facts!

Coffee, black, is my favorite morning beverage while Mules, Manhattans and Old Fashioneds are favored for evenings. The sweet tooth I own is massive and rather enjoys fruity candies, ginger cookies and buttercream frosting (corner pieces of cake are my mega jam!). I have an affinity for wearing dresses and skirts, especially those with influences of 50s styles – I LOVE getting dolled up. The vintage patterns that are collected are also sewn (indeed I sew!) – though the ratio of collected to completed is a bit skewed…

2012 - the birth of About A Dog Photography - Icey, Mick & puppy Axle
2019 - 7 years later - Axle at 8 & quite grey

And a special shoutout to this awesome, wonderful man – Kris (my boyfriend). He’s always up to model, scout & explore, lend ideas, inspiration and eons of support. I appreciate him vastly. Huzzah to you my love!

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