Adoptable dogs at Tri County Humane Society – St. Cloud MN

Every Tuesday I volunteer at Tri County Humane Society in St. Cloud MN. We are on week 39 for photographing adoptable dogs & cats! There has only been a couple days missed – once for Shutterhound in Las Vegas, once for mega cold weather, once for a snowstorm and twice due to rain! 

Yesterday’s weather was balmy, pushing into hot by 11 am. I photograph the dogs first, then move into the lovely cat room to capture kitties in their cage. 

First up was Reggie, an exuberant but sweet lab mix. He arrived to TCHS as a stray, which means he doesn’t have a history. But he’d be a lovely companion to write a story with! He was gentle taking treats and knew how to sit. Head to TCHS to meet him today!

Next on the list was Dominic. He is a leggy mix (my guess is shepherd mix – he’s listed as a hound mix) who is energetic, a bit bossy with treats, and noisy as he searches out the perfect place to pee. And watch your fingers! He is quite food motivated and will snatch treats and if in the way, fingers too! Requests for a sit didn’t yield any results, but I was able to lure him into various spots with food so he should easily hone in the basics as long as there are tasty treats involved. He’s been at TCHS a decent amount of time, let us help him find a new home!

Heading down the list, and tucked in the first kennel of Kennel Room 1 is Cinnamon. She is a sensitive, shy and slightly anxious dog so move slowly with her. She sports stunning black & tan markings, a thick double coat, a brushy tail and medium height. A lovely compact companion! She did sit when asked, though she likes to be VERY close to her person. Some whining & pacing too, a lot going on and stressing her out (I’d be stressed out loosing my home & being transferred to another facility!). Confidence building, loads of reassurance and love will bring this lovely lady out of her shell. 

EEEEEEEK! Puppy time! Up next was Boss, a pup of the lovely Cinnamon! He’s got her black & tan markings, though he inherited a different coat texture and ears! He is sweet, a little shy and liked to carry his leash about. At this time he does have a deposit on him which means you can’t snag him today (shucks!) but there is always a chance that deposits expire. Plus there are plenty of other pups to pick from (there’s a giant pack of pups with G names available too!)

Next up, the trio of Great Pyrenees puppies – Scapula, Mandible & Malleus. You’ll find them in the last kennel of Kennel Room 3. These wee fluffers are 4 months old and will have a fair amount of growing to do (they most likely will double in height & weight!). First up was Scapula, the only female of the trio. She refused to walk on the leash & floor so I hoisted her into my arms and brought her out to play yard. Outside she was bouncy, interactive and playful, though she spent most of the time walking the perimeter of the play yard taking in the smells. I had to carry that little booger back inside too!

Next was her brother in the green collar, Mandible. Out of the 3 pups, he was the purest white with no shading or brindling on his face. He was sweet and shy, less energetic than his sister and the smallest of the three. Yes I had to carry him outside and back inside too!

Whew! Now I’m rather warm, the temp is warm and I’ve collectively carried 72 pounds out of the kennel, through the hall, out the door, down to the play yard and back. Who needs a gym day? Hahaha!

Last, and not least, the other brother in the blue collar Malleus. Same as his brother & sister he required a carrying out of the kennel room to the play yard & back. Out of the trio he felt like he weighed the most and was biggest in my arms. He was bouncy, a little less energetic than his sister and a bit less shy than his brother, though every time I approached he laid down. He also has an adorable whip tail that was less full than his siblings. 

His weight topped me out to 110 lbs collectively carried in & out of TCHS. Man my legs will be ripped hahaha!!

Last for the dogs was Bear the brown pittie type dog. I borrowed an extra set of hands as Bear has a knack for being a little weird in his kennel. The weird goes like this: bark & growl (as in back off) to whines & softer barks with ample lip licking. It could be from being in the kennel (and next to Dominic the barker) because out of the kennel he was calmer, tail wagging and quite interested in the other dogs, less in treats. He does pull to get where he wants to go and is quite strong. It seems per his bio on TCHS that he enjoys fetch, tug of war and lounging by the TV. He probably has the energy level to even be a running partner. 

All of these dogs are available at Tri County Humane Society in St. Cloud MN as of this posting (Wednesday June 5, 2024). Stop in to meet these dogs, adopt one, or consider volunteering or fostering! 

Honorable mention: Pokey

This big dude rocking a lovely tri color pattern would be a great addition into your family if you enjoy leisurely strolls, sniffing all the things and taking your time to get there. Pokey def fit his name when I photographed him on May 14th. He didn’t sit when I requested it (an easy skill to learn) but I could get his focus with tasty treats. And he had some impressive drool too! Not sure his mix, but he gives me Swissy vibes mixed with something else, perhaps pittie. If you adopt him, DNA test him to see what kind of magical mix he is. This big, sweet dude needs a lovely new home where he can smell the smells and lounge for the day. 

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