Meet the Session: Teenie Weenie Session

Welcome to the meet and greet series of the sessions at About A Dog Photography!

You’ll get to meet each of the sessions – Digital Dog, Short & Sweet Session, Teenie Weenie, Shitty Weather and Puppy Series – and learn what makes each session unique. 

Next in the series is Teenie Weenie Session!

What is the Teenie Weenie Session?

This session is quite short in duration – a whopping 10 minutes! Hence the Teenie Weenie name!  This is an exclusive session offered only at certain times during the year – during fall colors & at holiday time. 

Teenie Weenie Sessions can occur indoors in a studio setting or outdoors in a super awesome location! (And yes, they are similar to Shitty Weather Sesssions minus that they can occur from April to November and CAN be done outdoors!)

The session goes like this: 

  • You arrive at my garage, park in the driveway next to my Outback.
  • Open the gate and come in the garage door.
  • Everything is set up and ready to go! Studio strobes, backdrop and ample treats (if your dog has allergies let me know!).
  • Leash off, collar off if you want some “nudes” of your dog. 
  • We wrangle your dog on the backdrop, with or without holiday props, and capture playful, fun, silly and classic images. 
  • This session is QUICK – 10 minutes and we wrap! Perfect for super busy schedules. 
  • You and your dog depart, waiting for the gallery to arrive within 2 weeks of your session. 

Or if we are outdoors:

  • We meet at the location I have picked – it will be awesome! 
  • Our 10 minute timer starts. 
  • Loads of silly noises to get your dog’s attention during the allotted time. 
  • We wrap, you head on your way and eagerly wait for your gallery to arrive within 2 weeks of your session!

In regards to “posing” –  it will always be an ask. Do you think your dog will sit/stand here? Put their feet up? Lay on the lumpy bumpy ground? If the answer is yes or probably then we will direct your dog to what we would like them to do. If it results in a stand vs or a lay vs stand, no worries we will work with it! We will ask once or twice and if we get a nope from your dog, we’ll adapt and carry on.

The aim is FUN! If the ask doesn’t mean fun for your dog, we won’t push them. 

What kind of images will be captured during your session?


– Shoulders and up of your dog’s head (classic like any portrait you have had done in your school days).

Full body portraits

– Portraits with your dog’s full body, in a sit, lay or stand. 

Treat Catching Shots

– Your dog, their mouth and epic drool as they catch treats tossed their direction. Fun and full of humor! INDOORS only!


– Christmas props or winter props like scarves. 

Your bond

– From family portraits to your hand on their head, your hand and their paws, your dog at your feet and any other ways we can capture the bond you share with your dog. 


Some other things you might be wondering:

Do we have to stick to one location?

Yes we do! Teenie Weenie Sessions are short in duration – 10 minutes! This gives us ample time for image diversity, but no wiggle room for strolling to different locations. (Especially if we are shooting in studio!) If you need more time, the Digital Dog is a better pick!

Does my dog need to be leashed? 

YES! A leash will help wrangle your pup and keep him or safe during your session. All leashes will be edited out of the final images!

If we are in the studio, then no, your dog doesn’t need to be on leash!

When is the best time to do a Teenie Weenie Session?

Fall color time and winter holidays! Teenie Weenie Sessions are limited edition sessions that are only available occasionally. Typically these sessions are available when the leaves burst into bold color in the fall and when the world begins to look like Christmas. 

How do I book a Teenie Weenie Session?

Texting or calling to inquire WHEN the next Teenie Weeni Session will be happening – 320.428.0135

Emailing () works too, though it can be slower for response times. Skip sending pigeons – Blue will either chase or eat them… 

Let’s capture your dog with playful, vibrant and classic images in a Teenie Weenie Session!

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