Happy Easter! (Plus a plastic egg activity!)

Happy snow covered Easter (as of yesterday, yes this is a day late, whoops!). Kris, Blue & I send our “hoppy” greetings and love.

Plastic Egg Activity for Dogs!

Did you happen to have plastic eggs, or have they been on hand for generations for children, either yours or for you as a child? (If you don’t have any, run out now and snag some!)

Why do you need plastic eggs? For an Easter egg hunt for your dog! (Plus this activity can be done anytime – if it is rainy, snowing, too hot, too cold etc). 

  •  Start with clean plastic eggs. 
  • Pop them open and drop a smelly, tasty, little morsel of a treat inside.
  • Once your have prepped as many eggs as you want, its time to hide them! 
  • For beginners, have your dog watch where you hide them, give them a “find it” command and help your dog find each egg. Give them the treat inside.  
    ** Make sure they don’t chomp on the egg! This type of plastic can shatter!
  • Make it more challenging by hiding your dog when he or she is out of the room. Bring your dog into the room and encourage them to “find it”. Help your dog find the eggs and reward them with the tasty treat inside. 
Hide a few, a ton, hide them hard or easily and make it a fun game. The plastic egg hunt is a great boredom buster and metal exercise for your pup. (Mental exercise is a great way to tire them out!). If the weather is nice, hide them outside. 

Blue & I use the slightly larger eggs (he has a big mouth and I don’t want the smaller ones going down the hatch). You can use the giant eggs, the bigger ones, standard size or small eggs. As long as your dog can get a whiff of treats the egg size doesn’t matter!

Have fun with this! 

And once again, happy Easter from Kris, Blue & I!

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