Rest in Peace Bender

Yesterday we sent you to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much. 

The past two weeks have been tough as the cronic liver disease you had flared and your liver started to fail. You fought as best you could and you’re now in a happy, healthy place, wrestling, playing and hanging out with Icey, Mick, Axel and all of those who were at the Rainbow Bridge before you. Chase the squirrels, chew all the bones, take all the naps my sweet pibble. 

Bender’s story started in with a visit to Hawk Creek Humane Society on February 11th 2011.

Strolled the kennels and was struck by a cool shepherd mix named Dax and a mega adorable brown and white pittie named Bender. Bender was a stray who was running the streets with another dog. No info on his age or history. I fell in love with his ears and his sweet personality.


A couple of weeks passed and the shelter posted that he was starting to get a bit bummed out being in the shelter and was hanging out in the office. They were looking for someone to foster him. I volunteered & March 11 he arrived.

Bender joined the pack of Mick, Icey and Axel. At first he was a total lughead. He listened casually, liked the gang, napped and took treats but didn’t really click with me. Until one day when a lightbulb turned on and he realized I wasn’t too shabby of a lady. From there I knew he belonged to our pack. When he was due for his shots the following year, we could do them and negate the adoption fee or bring him in for shots and bring him back to the shelter. We opted for the shots and Bender formally was ours.

He and Axel were the bestest buds, running, chasing and wrestling together until an argument involved teeth and they were put on crate and rotate. This continued for years until Kris and I got our house – Bender came with us and Axel stayed with my parents.

Bender was sweet, spunky and chill. He snored like an old man, would sneeze then bark at us if he wanted to chew his bone or occasionally if he needed to poop. He loved walks and smelling all the smells was one of his favorite things. He wasn’t fond of other dogs, rain or water and always had something to say to the mailman and delivery guy, occasionally the people strolling past the house. He enjoyed cucumbers, carrots, radishes, blueberries, lettuces, spinach, and all kinds of snacky foods. Walks were his jam as were car rides. He napped like a cat and LOVED to bake in the sunshine. He was gentle when he took treats, though his treat face was a little intimidating.

He was deeply loved and is greatly missed. Rest well my sweet pittie. I love you Bender.

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  1. I loved being able to see all these photos of him that capture his personality so well. He was such a funny, handsome boy. Rest well, Bender.
    I hope your pack and my pack are frolicking away. ❤️

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