Springing into March

It’s been a span of time since we last chatted. October trended its colors to bare leaves, Halloween led the way into the holiday season.

Thanksgiving was quaint, Kris & I hosted my family at our house. The regular fixings plus vegan options (vegan pumpkin pie made by me!) and we were all stuffed plum full. Christmas and December were busy – from decking the halls to snowboarding, a session with a husky pup and all of the events with Atomic Collars. The month whooshed by wrapping up with a very cold home fireworks show and staying up until the new year arrived. 

No resolutions formally proclaimed for this year, though I’d like to get back into better management of my weight and health. 

January continued, mostly frozen with the gaps being snagged for snowboarding but mostly bunkering down and being as warm as possible. This is the first winter season of helping out my mom and the morning drive from home to their house has been fairly decent, mostly cold more than treacherous. Sewing and doing tons of research into vintage waffle irons (also vintage stoves and collecting vintage clips from newspapers for charms for dogs).

February was windy and cold. Bunkered down staying as warm as possible with some sparks of inspiration. Bender got sick the end of January, just after Valentines we put him to sleep. The house is currently dogless and feels weird. No walking buddy, no tail wags or snores. I decided with the current school schedule (helping out my mom in Paynesville from 7am to 4pm Monday – Friday) that adding a dog back into our house wasn’t ideal. When summer break rolls around, heck yes there will be a dog added!

Otherwise, been a bit checked out from photography and photography things. Last year was a bit of a dud for sessions, the tail end COVID and the return to normal were factors along with the uptick in Atomic Collars. Lately, just been a bit on the blah side of things, though looking forward to the incoming spring does have me inspired. I’ve decided to look at the past year as a reset for me, About A Dog Photography, business in general and to kick back into gear for the coming summer season. 

New things are going to be happening for the upcoming year for About A Dog Photography: 

  • Sessions may or may not get an adjustment – logistics being sorted now
  • Short & Sweet Sessions may be moved to available any time but may be limited to St. Cloud with the Twin Cities staying as specific limited dates. More details to be sorted out. 
  • Weekday evening sessions will be available starting after the time change on the 13th, weekend sessions will be limited. 
  • Make Manual Your B*tch course will be launched this summer!
  • NEW BOOK in the planning stage! “Dogs of the North Shore” will be happening this coming summer! Logistics are being planned, sessions may be taking place in early June. (If you are interested in being part of this book, email me at )

Remember I mentioned a session with a husky puppy? That is the adorable Dakota below! It’s crazy how much she looks like her older sister Parka! 

We’ll stay in touch as the spring rolls into summer. If there’s any tips or questions you’re burning to know about photography, dogs, anything really, drop me a comment and I’ll aim for a blog post featuring it!

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