My dog is not well behaved…

My dog is not well behaved, is that ok?

We would LOVE to do a session but my dog is not well behaved. 
And by not being well behaved it means my dog:

  • doesn’t listen to commands like sit or lay
  • is MEGA hyper active
  • goes bat shit crazy in new areas
  • has selective hearing
  • or any other assorted not well behaved behaviors your dog may have

Fret no further! Your dog can be a total doofus, with not sit stay stills and we’ll still be able to capture EPIC images. The images I capture of your dog will make it look like he or she is an obedience school superstar! And we only need a brief, mere second or too worth of attention to create these images. 

How it works:

  • Your dog on a leash – it helps to wrangle him or her in the area we want & keep them safe
  • Add in my camera with a whopping 12 frames a second to capture even a half second of stillness
  • Cue the tasty treats! I’ll bring out the Canine Carryouts in burger or sausage flavors
    (if your dog has allergies or dietary restrictions, we’ll use treats that they can have)
  • Enter in noises – from kitty meows, to raspberries, barks, buzzes to squeakers and favorite catch words (outside, ride, walk, grandma etc)
  • Your dog is intrigued for a moment
  • Shutter click & viola! An epic image of your dog looking like an obedience superstar

How do you know it will work? My dog has some epic bad behaviors…

About A Dog Photography has been capturing personalities of dogs with playful, classic & vibrant images for 10 years! I have met many shy, boisterous, overexcited, bored, busy, bat shit crazy and calm dogs and have been able to coax the inner superstar out of each and every one. We’ll take the session at your dog’s pace and ask for sits, but work with lays and stands, always asking your dog for a behavior but not forcing him or her. 

 What can we do before the session to help our dog be better behaved?

Work on the basics! Think back to the puppy days (or early days of your dog’s adoption), grab a liberal amount of treats and head outside. Start with sit. Remember your dog doesn’t need to have an eon long sit, they just need to sit for a couple of seconds. Do each exercise at least once a day for a week prior to your session, do more if you and your dog find it fun!

  • Sit = dog’s bum on the floor = treat
    – repeat as many times to get your dog to 90% reliability
    – amp up the challenge by changing locations, find somewhere new, noisier, more distracting, repeat above

Once your dog has sit nearly spot on no matter the distractions, add in lay/down. Follow the same steps as sit. You can work on wait/stay as well, though we may not need to utilize it during your session. You’ll have a dog who behaves better for their session, plus a dog who is also more well behaved at home! 

If your dog giving you the “I can’t hear you mom” routine and blowing off your requests for a sit, you may need to up the value of the treats. The every day Milkbone biscuit is just that – everyday, boring, the same. Break out something stinkier or novel – hotdogs, squeeze cheese, cooked chicken breast, dehydrated carrots or pieces of baby carrots, freeze dried salmon or liver (Blue’s favorite).  You’ll know which is the winner when your dog willingly and happily parks their booty on the floor at your feet. 

If your dog is meh about food treats, then break out the toys! If you know your dog’s favorite toy, bring it with and use it as the reward for the sit/lay etc. Same process as the above method, though you’d swap out a ball throw, tugging a rope, tossing a stuffed toy etc as the reward for bum on the ground. They’re not getting excited about the same old ball or toy, then break out a new one! (Yes bring it with to the session!)

After you work on these skill drills your dog should be better behaved for their session. Huzzah! Though remember we most likely will be going to a new location teeming with loads of new, exciting smells and things to oogle at and your dog might forget all of the skills you just worked on. No worries! We’ll let your dog explore & sniff and when the novelty of the area wears off we’ll ask for the skills to be put into action. 

What your dog’s session looks like to you:

What a professional photographer sees (and captures):

Blue is mega cute and at 11 weeks he’s already becoming a photography pro!

And because he’s mega cute, here are a few more of him:

So my dog not being well behaved isn’t a problem during a session with About A Dog Photography (or with any other professional pet photographer)! Huzzah!

6 thoughts on “My dog is not well behaved…”

  1. I”m so in love with Blue! I know you are enjoying every moment!!! The first group of images of “what you see” is priceless! Blue is already rocking the “modeling” thing and looking forward to seeing more of the growing nugget!

  2. hahahaha this made me laugh! I love the tips to prep with itty bits of training. And yes, it’s so true what the owner sees is so different and they are always shocked by what is actually captured. Love it!

  3. I had to chuckle when I saw the “what you see” pictures, because I too have soooo many like that (I’m sure we all do!), and clients are always amazed when we show them what WE saw and captured like your images of Blue – too cute and adorable…I’m sure the client loved those, I know I would!

  4. Hahaha. I love this. “What you see vs what I produce” is great. And you have the most adorable little nugget to prove your point. It always entertains me when a client says “how the hell did you do that?” when they left their session thinking their dog ruined everything.

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