Monday in October

Traipsed through last week, hoarded a bazillion reference images for some drawing (the references are birds. You didn’t know I draw?), wrote on an ongoing story (yes I write stories too!) and then on the way home on Friday I realize I hadn’t popped in to give you guys the updates on the fall colors! Whoops!

Better today than to skip a whole week, especially since we are in the peak time of colors!

BAM! We have color people! If you didn’t get out on Sunday, make a point to carve some time this week to take a stroll in the fall colors. The North Shore is in full peak and should be EPIC! Plus there’s been some solid rainfall so the waterfalls should be flowing. What an epic combo – waterfalls & fall colors!

St. Cloud is in 25%-50% with some trees already dropping their leaves and some still in their greens. Minneapolis & St. Paul are in the 10-25% range, there should be some beautiful colors showing up as the week progresses. (Minneapolis and St. Paul are often a week slower in color change than the rest of the state!). 

I would love to meet up with you and your dog for some fall color dog photography! If not a session, at least get out and stroll amongst the colors. A great way to relish the tail end of the warm season. Plus your dog totally loves walks!

Time for Halloween! 🎃 Why not a whole month of ghosts and ghouls?

For us that means rocking a Halloween collar for Bender (Spooktacular from Atomic Collars) and oranges, purples, stripes and Halloween inspired colors and shirts for each day. (I found an epic shirt yesterday – the Wizard of Oz scarecrow, arms outstretched in classic zombie pose muttering… BRAINS! BWHAHAHAHAHA!)

Decorations for the house haven’t been put up yet, but they will be arriving soon. Costume will be a mummy, with the front of the house matching the tattered cloth. There are visions of cookies, haunted gingerbread houses and bloody cakes dancing in my head.  There are 27 days until Halloween!

Are you and your dog dressing up this Halloween?

If you want to get to know me a bit better and learn about my adventures into sewing, cooking, vintage recipes and more pop over to Banterings

Enjoy your fall days, the vibrant colors and time with your dog. Catch you on Friday!

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