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The theme for the Beautiful Beasties Network was letters or numbers. Axle was the model for the search for letters on this dreary Mother’s Day day. Our first stop was in Sauk Rapids to the old glass company (Icey has also modeled here!).

From there we adventured downtown to snag some images with the Paramount theater sign in the background. This was a shot I have been wanting to attempt for a while. It didn’t quite turn out like I had wanted (gloomy sky and the lights weren’t on) but I know how to work with the sign and a pup now!

Since we were downtown we stopped at a really cool music themed mural (another spot I’ve wanted to capture with a pup). Axle had to show off his underbite as well as his modeling skills!

Our last stop was to a local little liquor store with big painted letters on the side.


And a request for a lay that turned into a half roll over play dead…

axle words numbers-21

Next up, check out Trina Bauer Photography, State College, Pennsylvania.

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