52 Week Project | White Balance for Mood

White balance for mood was this week’s theme for the 52 Week Project. Axle was the model, and I wanted to capture his impeccable “play dead” to create a different mood by pushing my white balance in Lightroom. We managed to get a couple of images but in typical Axle form he wanted to play more than play dead! Another benefit with Axle is those mega pouty jowls that make him look a little sad when he’s not panting.

White balance refers to the temperature of an image. Cooler colored images (more blues) tend to make things feel a little more sad and gloomy, while warmer images suggest a little more sunshine and happiness. Do you prefer the warm or cool white balance?

axle white balance7axle white balance2 axle white balance5axle white balance6axle white balance3axle white balance4 axle white balance

And since we were in the yard playing with the new Orbee-Tuff Luna ball by Planet Dog (super durable and glows in the dark!) I couldn’t resist getting shots of Axle in action!

Next stop over to Charlotte NC based photographer Kim with BARKography and see how she worked with white balance to create a mood!

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