52 Week Project | Patterns

This week’s theme was patterns. Bender wasn’t interested in being my subject, so Axle was nominated.

He was eager to go on a walk, though he acts like it is very stressful to sit and stay while I point my camera in his direction (it’s like a kid who doesn’t like to have their picture taken any more), though we did find some lovely patterns around town. Guess I’ll just have to work with the full body profile pose he likes to do as of late haha!

Next up visit Jessica Wasik with Bark & Gold Photography, celebrating the joy and love between Pittsburgh pets and their people.

8 thoughts on “52 Week Project | Patterns”

  1. Always a great variety! So much fun! Looks like Axle had a great adventure 🙂 My favorite is the last image – the close up with the window patterns in the background – great job!

  2. Great job! What a variety of patterns! The windows are genius. My favorites are the last two softened background photos and the Bender profile near the zig zag. It was hard choosing.

  3. Oh, so creative! You found subtle patterns in the most unique ways. I especially love the use of windows and the overall urban feel. Well done this week

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