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A new adventure in advertising had me headed down a winding driveway to the home of Bentley, Bugsy and Ellie for their cameo appearances. Ellie, the youngest, thought I was wonderful and terribly frightening and spent most of the time hiding from me. Bugsy, the ancient gal, was blind and mostly deaf though her nose was sharp as ever. She followed me around, or at least followed the smell of the treats.

The last of the trio was Bentley, a slightly skeptical pug mix with gremlin style ears. He warmed up with a few treats and wanted to be super close to me (within treat giving range). In an attempt to entice Ellie, I pulled a squeaker out of my bag. Didn’t work to get Ellie’s attention, but Bentley…

Decided that an animated gif would be an awesome touch. Tilt tilt tilt tilt!

I did get a little head tilt out of Ellie once we pulled her car basket out of the car and set it on the grass. Isn’t she freaking cute!?!? She’s a boston terrier and frenchie mix I believe.

The lovely old lady Bugsy even gave me a bit of a head tilt for treats. 

Next visit Nancy at Nancy Kieffer Photography. Serving Central New York, the Adirondacks and beyond to see her take on head tilt!


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