52 Week Project | Eyes

This week’s theme was eyes.

My parents cats were happy to help (Snuggles is a camera snob, while Lilly is a camera hog and little bit of a creeper… and Toostie is just a big kitten).

Pretty sure Lilly never blinks… she has a knack for staring at cameras without much of a blink or break in focus. She may be waiting for reflections (she chases light reflections) but she is just a bit of a creeper with that stare hahaha! (She does it when I’m sitting at the table eating too!)

Attempted Snuggles, who gave me her a little bit of a snub. She is famous for not looking in a direction you want her to no matter the method for attention getting. Her ears listen, her eyes look elsewhere.

She sure is a cute kitty though… even if she doesn’t look at the camera!


Miss moose Tootsie was the next subject I directed my lens to. She’s a mover and a shaker and likes to be thisclose to me for pets or playing, which makes using the 135mm a little tricky. Luckily there was a random toy nearby that I used to catch her split second attention.

And because it’s hilarious, one last picture of Lilly…

Next visit Linda of DogShotz Photography serving the Indianapolis IN area to see the eyes she captured.


7 thoughts on “52 Week Project | Eyes”

  1. Cats can be a blast to photograph. I never know what I’m going to get, especially when I’m at the shelter. I am laughing so hard at your last one of Lily because that’s often the look I get from the adoptable cats.

  2. I think this might be the best description of trying to photography a cat I’ve heard in a long time: “Her ears listen. Her eyes look elsewhere.” Love it and spot on!

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