Prepping for fall & fall colors!

Happy first day of September! Let fall & autumn things be unleashed! (Technically fall doesn’t arrive until September 23rd and ends December 21st… so September is technically summer! Haha!). We need to start talking fall colors even though temps are going to be touching into the 90s this week!

Peak fall colors will prospectively land late September way up north, early October for the middle of the state and mid October for the southern part of the state. Due to really dry conditions this summer, the trees may begin to peak colors EARLIER! I’ll be checking the fall color report weekly and letting you know as the colors begin to move into full peak color. 

And since we’re talking fall colors, we should talk sessions as well!

The week of September 4th – 8th I will be in Las Vegas for Shutterhound! It is slated to be a mega cool conference made by and for dog photographers. Some of those really well known names in dog photography will be there handing out loads of knowledge. If you want to swing out to Vegas, I do have a little time on two of the evenings haha! (Or if you know anyone out in the area who would love to have classic, playful and vibrant portraits of their pup, point me their direction!)

The end of September marks the… Dogs of the North Shore Book! EEEEEEEEEEK! I’m mega excited for this project! We will be traipsing the North Shore of Minnesota from Duluth to Grand Marias from September 29th to October 1st. Dogs and waterfalls? What could be more EPIC? Probably the whole scenic area of the North Shore haha! If you want to participate pop over to the online scheduler and snag your time and location!  PLUS… a portion of the proceeds from each session and any additional sales will be donated to Ruff Start Rescue! AWESOME!!!

After the Dogs of the North Shore book sessions we move into October. There are ONLY 9 sessions available during weekdays during the times of leaves in lovely color.  As for weekends? There is only ONE weekend session available – Saturday October 7th. Snag it fast!

Not sure you can swing a weekday session? Each weekday session will start around 5 pm which means you won’t miss too much work (or take the day off to hang with your pup).  These sessions are super popular and will be snagged quickly. Book your session using this link: Booking Calendar.

Special dates:

  • October 14th will be HALLOWEEN Teenie Weenie Sessions. Location is TBD. Each session is 10 minutes and includes one digital image. A great way to capture your dog in an epic costume – or even the whole family!

  • October 15th will be Short & Sweet Sessions. Location TBD, most likely in the Twin Cities area. Each session is 20 minutes, 2 digital images. This is a perfect session for updated family portraits or epic holiday card images. 

Whew! What a cluster of information!

Dates to note:

  • September 29th – Oct 1st = Dogs of the North Shore Book Sessions
  • ONE October weekend session = October 7th, otherwise pick from 9 weekday sessions during fall colors
  • October 14th = Halloween Teenie Weenie Sessions
  • October 15th = Short & Sweet Sessions
  • Fall colors = early October into mid October, pending trees

In the coming months there will be fall color reports, tasty treats for Thanksgiving as well as tips for making the feast great with an older puppy, special edition holiday sessions, order by dates for prints & wall art to get them in time for Christmas (these make great gifts btw!), holiday tips to employ with an older puppy or eternal pup and possibly some pictures of Blue. 

Enjoy your first day of September and happy back to school!

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