How to have a cool dog this summer!

It’s really easy to have a cool dog this summer – especially since we’ve landed in a hot hot humid hot week that reminds us that summer is for lazing about. 

  • First step, AC. Air conditioning. 
    Hot & humid days are rough on us, but they are also rather rough on your pup. Imagine being wrapped in your Great Aunt Val’s floor length fur coat and jogging around the yard. That’s what your dog does on the daily. The thicker your dog’s coat, the more easily your dog can overheat. So crank the AC and lounge indoors with your dog.
  • Early ass morning walks and late evening strolls. 
    The middle of the day from noonish to roughly four pm is going to the blazing hottest due to that lovely overhead sun. Asphalt & blacktop is going to be nearly hot enough to cook eggs (surface temp needs to be 158 degrees to cook an egg). In a 95 degree air temp day in full sun asphalt & blacktop can be a blistering 155 degrees. Concrete in full sun lands you at 140 degrees for the same air temp. Dirt & sand can be rather warm too, mid 90s air temps can push dirt & sand into the 100s for surface temp. Grass can get warm especially in full sun, but shouldn’t be as blazing hot as asphalt, blacktop and concrete.  If you need to walk in the middle of the day, see if you can find a grassy park to stroll in (bonus: loads of sniffs).  Otherwise with the ass crack of day for a morning stroll and/or head out for your steps into the darkening evening as the temp drops. 

    FYI: A surface temp of 125 degrees can burn your pup’s feet within 60 seconds. That’s an air temp in the 70s…
  • Hark back to childhood with sprinklers, hoses and pools
    Hook up the sprinkler and encourage your pup to dash through it. Bonus: you’ll water your dry yard in the process too! If your dog isn’t a fan of the sprinkler, try the hose. Blue is a fan of chasing the water from the hose and biting it. Great for keeping him cool, pain in the ass when trying to water the garden haha! Not every dog is a fan of the hose either, make sure if you chase them with it it’s not a stressful scary event. If sprinkler & hose are out, break out the kiddie pool. Solid plastic pools are the best as they thwart dog nails, collapsible dog friendly pools are another good option, though sharp pup nails can damage them. Put in a little water and encourage your pup in to cool off. For those hesitant, use treats and toss toys they have to retrieve from the middle of the pool. Or step into the water yourself and your pup may follow too! For those who are water lovers, toss in toys that sink and float, ice cubes or treats to make the water even more fun. Otherwise sit back and giggle as your dog swims and splashes laps around the pool. 
  • Bucket of ice block
    Literally a bucket of water frozen. Ice cream buckets (we know you have a few on hand, we’re not judging) work wonderfully for this cool toy for your dog. Fill the bucket with a smidge of water, freeze. Next layer add snacks such as peanut butter, carrots, blueberries, or watermelon and add more water to cover the snacks. Freeze and repeat until the level of ice meets the rim of the bucket. Thaw slightly for easy removal, plop it in the yard and let your dog lick and chomp his way to all of the tasty bits! You can add chicken stock to the water for even more enticement. 

  • Look cool with Atomic Collars
    Make sure your dog not only stays cool but looks cool this summer. Atomic Collars (made by me – Cahlean!) are MEGA cool dog collars featuring funky and unique materials and patterns. Big collars, teenie collars and everything between. 

These are great ways to keep your dog cool (and looking cool) this summer! Blue & I really love spending our time in the AC with this gnarly heat this week. 

And a quick midsummer update: 

  • TONS of gardening, weeding, watering and encouraging growth –  mostly the entire month of June
  • A trip to Michigan with mom at the end of June – huzzah for road trips and antiquing
  • Blue turned ONE the end of June! EEEEEEK! He’s halfway to adult! His weight? 112 lbs as of this morning! (His dad is 130 lbs!)
  • Starting next Tuesday I will be partnering & volunteering with Tri County Humane Society to do updated pictures of adoptable dogs! Stay tuned for blog posts about each dog & cat I photograph and let’s help them find new homes!

EEEEEEEEEK! He’s not a baby any more! Look how Blue has grown! (BTW, this is a good reason why you need professional puppy pictures! Your puppy will never be small and squishy again!)

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