52 Week Project | Quality of Light

Quality of light is this week’s theme. It has us looking at hard light vs soft light and how it interacts in shadows, colors, and highlights. Icey was a willing model as she waded in her swimming pool. 2 sets of images, taken at 2 different time of the day. I merely walked around the pool and captured how the light and shadows changed.

From the morning, around 9:45 am central time. The light was still relatively horizontal and more of a harsh light. Depending on where I was my shadow would pass over Icey or the pool and end up as a part of the image. The best way to negate this is by lowering ones angle.

The second set taken around 4pm central time. The light was still hard, but it was at a different angle and was diffused slightly by the clouds and neighbor’s tree. Icey’s shadow has moved, as did the place where my shadow fell upon her. Also the shadows in the background have changed which provides contrast from the pool.

Next up stop over to Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area to see her take on the quality of light.

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