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The theme this week: Favorite Song.

My favorite song? A song by Silversun Pickups called “Lazy Eye”.


Instantly my mind went what else can I do aside from googly eyes for lazy eyes? Uh…. and where the heck are my googly eyes? (No idea…)

So a quest ensued. The dollar store had nothing in the realm of the eyeglasses with eyeballs on springs, so I picked up a pair of reading glasses with different frames and some googly eyeballs in a pack of multiple sizes. More questing to other dollar style stores and party stores with no results like this:

Buggers. So back to the plan of the reading glasses and googly eyes. A little tape and those googly eyeballs were stuck to the glasses, the start of lazy eyes. Add in a backdrop stand with some wrapping paper (a red & blue argyle and a roll sparkly red) for a backdrop and the concept began to come to life.

Minus this:
Bender was not having anything to do with the backgrounds. Or taking pictures. So. Very. Helpful…. Gah!

Pause for belly rubs. A few treats plus gentle persuasion and we resumed position in front of the backdrops (sitting wasn’t in the cards this round). The red colored images are inspired by the very red lighting in the music video for Lazy Eye.

“I’ve been waiting
I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life…”

The glasses were introduced and we “died”… it counts as being lazy right? (Dog photographer’s dogs, am I right? Haha!)

“But it’s not quite right…”
“To appear sad
With the same old decent lazy eye
Fixed to rest on you
Aim free and so untrue…”
“Still the same old decent lazy eye
Straight through your gaze…”

“It’s the room, the sun, and the sky
The room, the sun, and the sky

I’ve been waiting
I’ve been waiting for this moment”

With Bender being a challenging model, I swapped him for Axle… who wears glasses like an old librarian… Removed the googly eyeball and tape. He’s one of those stern sourpuss librarians… 
And thought adding in a book would complete the librarian look. Yes these images have nothing to do with my favorite song (though there is a band called The Librarians, or the song “Marian the Librarian” from the Music Man or “Librarian” by My Morning Jacket that could play to Axle’s images…) but when the inspiration strikes…

You roll with it. Oh man that lip of his! The book of choice? Give the Dog the Bone by Steven Kellogg.

Next learn about the favorite song for Linda with VPShoots Photography serving Tampa Bay, Florida!