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Minnesota dog photographer About A Dog Photography here for this week’s 52 Week Project: get close. Likethisclose….

No macro lens lives in my arsenal and reverse macro tends to have a little bit of a loss in image quality (if you don’t know how to reverse macro – take your 50mm, un-mount it from your camera, reverse and hold it against your camera and move yourself inwards as you focus – you will be mere inches from your subject but the image will be magnified like a macro! FYI 35mm works but you pretty much have to touch your subject, wider doesn’t work, you would have to pass through your subject to be able to focus and 85mm is… wonky – no magnification just messed up bokeh…) so I skipped reverse macro.

The lens of choice, my favorite, 135mm. Minimum focusing distance is 2.87′ (87.5 cm) which on a lens is approx 1 am length or less away. Nikon’s 70-200mm has a minimum focusing distance of 3.61′ (1.1 m), while Canon’s version 3.94′ (1.2 m)! Minimum focusing distance also means I can get in very close and isolate the details.

I wonder what Bender thinks when he models for pictures. Half the time I’m doing the darnedest to get his attention and ears up, the other half of the time I’m focusing on his details and don’t want him to look at me. Either way, he’s not always the most excited about being photographed (the 52 Week theme Favorite Song showed his enthusiasm…) and probably thinks “oh dear she’s got the black box thing pointed in my direction again…”. Luckily the get close theme just needed him to hold a sit/lay and get fed treats. Pretty easy haha!

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