52 Project: Fill the Frame

Fill the frame is a classic rule of composition that takes your subject and uses them to fill the frame of image from edge to edge. Utilized its a grand way to show off eyes, or detail elements in the manner of paws, tails, and bums. 

The 20mm lens often ends up employing fill the frame from treat loving pups. Sporting a minimum focus distance of 10.9″, this lens allows dogs to get MEGA close. As in close enough to lick the lens. Or boop it with their noses. (This lens out of all tends to have the most spit and nose goobers on it.)

A recent session with Mishka the 6 moth old husky puppy gave us some epic fill the frame images. 

Makes you want to just boop that little snoot! 

Next visit Angela Schneider of Noses & Toes Pet Photography in Spokane, WA, getting closeup for your dog photos – to see how she captured fill the frame!

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