Forget the wagon, we’ve fallen into a new time & space.

The opening scene. Temperatures are mild from the frozen bits, the goals & plans blooming like the green sprouting around the yard. 

DREAD. The pandemic inserts itself messily into the beginning of March, holding onto a stay in place until the tail end of spring found in the late days of May. 

Oh the ample time! Use to:
– Create & launches courses
– Give time to Atomic Collars
– Launch into full time photography
– Weekly blog posts
– Creative marketing paired with action

[ Insert a hacking of the website somewhere in the duration. Seems since everyone had more time on their hands, hackers did as well. Massive annoyance. ]
The result:
• Courses – well at least one completed (Beyond the Barking Basics) with the manual mode course written but not recorded (we’re going on months – why?). 
• Atomic Collars – kicked into high gear, then over sewn the process. (Process = make / pictures / post for sale.) Currently the summer scarves are waiting to be finished, the 200 bin of ties is slowly weeding down and new ideas for waterproofing and glow in the dark have come to fruition. Plus a “formal wear” collection that turns your wedding necktie / colors into a collar. 
• Launch into full time photography – GO! And the lovely span of time from March to May said no photography, stay away from people. Good luck. 
• Weekly blog posts – seems this has really put into play. (The 52 Week Project is going to be restarted – not sure we’ve ever made it the full 52!)
• Creative marketing – with COVID its been a hold. We are slowly getting into an area of “normal” and marketing + action will be kicking better. 


Second act: Temperatures have risen to the summertime level, as have the plants & flowers about the yard. Someone invited the mosquitos out, and the birds have fledged multiple squawky offspring. 

Time to brush off the delays, the creaks, the dusty perception of direction, the subjective essence of time (what day is it?). The part time gig has arranged itself to consume Mondays, leaving the remainder of the week to be organized. Headspace will be addressed and managed to help with getting the movement going, to creating the action. (Currently there is a movement of overwhelm, of dull, of lack of direction, a grey and blue feeling – the culprit is not committing to a plan of action for forward.)

In the manner of James Clear of Atomic Habits
Action forces prioritization. If you’re stuck deciding between options, force yourself to act. You can only act on one thing at a time, which means you will have to make something the top priority. Even if you pick wrong, you’ll learn something.”

And in the manner my favorite epic woman EVER Ash Ambirge of the Middle Finger Project:
“It really doesn’t matter where you start. But waiting to start will kill you.

The action to take: 
– Better communication with you – clients, friends, colleagues and avid followers 
– The Manual Course (it has been calling for creation & to be released into the world)
– Atomic Collars – finish the bin, the scarves, create the waterproof & glow in the dark collars and TELL everyone about them. 
– Full time photography is happening – we are booking late summer & FALL sessions! 

This is a grand adventure, laced with oddity for the first half of the year. Here’s to the new norm. 
Stay safe, hug your dog, wear a mask. 
We love and appreciate you. 

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