October S-N-O-W

The 20th of October. Tuesday. White stuff begins to descend from the sky. S-N-O-W…

It continues. Falling merrily from the morning until the darkness of evening has settled into place. Everything has a coating of clean white. The next morning, the snow remains. The weather report for the week is that under 30s is the temp range with other bouts of snow deemed to fall through the weekend.

10 days before Halloween. Happy October!

And if Bender looks gleeful, you’re mistaken. He is a giant freeze baby who tolerates the snow to do his potty business and an occasional pause for sniffs. (By the end of this series, possibly 5 mins in the making, he was shivering quite aggressively. This is also why there’s an adventure into sewing him sweaters. The jacket he’s wearing was bought by his “grandma” a few years ago. )

Do you have a snow loving pupper or a freeze baby doggo?

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