5 Places to Adopt a Pitbull in St. Cloud MN

Looking to add a pitbull into your family? Below there are 5 places you can adopt a pitbull in St. Cloud MN.

But first…
Did you know there isn’t actually a breed called a pitbull?

Pitbull is a term that get put upon bully style dogs and can include the terriers – American pit bull terrier and American Staffordshire terrier – along with American bulldogs, boxers, Staffordshire bull terriers, cane corsos and other blocky headed bully type dogs. Which makes adopting a “pitbull” a bit more of a variable as they may be full American pit bull terrier, mixed with assorted other dogs or not even have a drop of bully breed within them!

Variables aside, if you’re adopting a dog coined a pitbull, who has the look of a bully breed there are somethings you will need to know:

  • They can be total buttheads and you may not click right off the bat, but once you do you’ll be besties
  • They are smooshy, loveable, great snugglers, snore, and love to lounge as much as hike in the woods
  • They can have a high prey drive – cat friends need slow intros
  • Pitbulls can be dog reactive or dog aggressive which means no playdates & dog parks, proactive walks, no new dogs to the household
  • There is a ton of stigma around them. People will move out of your way when you’re walking, put space between themselves and your pitbull and lift or move children out of range of your pitbull.

And the stigma holds throughout conversations with people. There is the belief that a pitbull will just one day snap and attack its owners (nope), that their jaws lock (also nope, but they do have a strong bite), their brains swell and it makes them go crazy (nope) and it’s unsafe to get a pitbull from a shelter or rescue because you don’t know their history (it’s totally safe to adopt a pittie).

As in adopting any dog, it will take time to get to know your pitbull and his or her personality.

Oh man check out this baby hunk! This is when I was first fostering Bender!

Are you ready to adopt a pittie?

Here are 5 places you can adopt a pitbull in the St. Cloud MN area:

Good luck finding your next pitbull family member!

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3 thoughts on “5 Places to Adopt a Pitbull in St. Cloud MN”

  1. What a great post! Pibbles get such a bad rap but they’re so often the most loving pets (and I adore that image on the loading deck ledge and the leading line down the alley – perfection!)

  2. I love seeing Bender again! He is one of my all time faves! An American Staffordshire and a boxer/bully mix were part of my granddogs family. They both have passed over the rainbow bridge, but they were always a joy!

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