At the current moment its not found within the landscape of Minnesota as we just had a brush with S-N-O-W and the grass is merely getting into green garb. There are sprinklings of tiny blues as the very early risers – Siberian squills – are dotted in our gardens. (They have also found their way into the grass…). Otherwise there are no inklings of the vibrant summer colors to come. Cue the creative quest of finding color.

What is color?

Color the characteristic of visual perception described through color categories, with names such as red, yellow, or blue. Found in the visible spectrum of ROY G. BIV – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet!

Color comes in varying hues, tones and saturation and is found everywhere there is light. (The human eye cannot see color in darkness, only when there are hints of light – cameras have the ability to “see in the dark” with long exposures, and light sensitive sensors.)

Orders of color!

Orders of color head into the days of color wheels and school aged art. There are 3 main orders: primary, secondary & tertiary

Some ways to use color: color schemes!
  • Complimentary colors – directly across from each other on the color wheel
    * blue & orange / red & green / yellow & purple etc
  • Analogous colors – colors next to each other on the color wheel, usually a set of 3
    * blue, green, yellow / yellow, red, orange / red, purple, blue etc
  • Monochrome colors – not black and white, but an image with a single color tone

Let’s get colorful!

A single color (tans & browns are still colors!) Could be considered monochromatic…

We found a some colorful spots – a train car with graffiti and well placed puddle. A mural on the back of the wedge building (this mural has been there for many years). Then the tight alley with a giant butterfly.  Color all around!

Wandered around town for more color. Lots of monochromatic options for bold color. We could use some more murals around town. Or more colors of buildings! (Lots of browns and rusts from the bricks!)

And one complimentary color set! (Red & green!)

Next up visit Linda Perdue with VP Shoots Photography specializing in photographing pets and their families in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and see what she found for color! Loop through everyone until you land back to us!

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