Happy Valentine’s Day with Kisses from Blue

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Yes we are 4 days early, but who can resist celebrating the holiday of love especially with a puppy or dog you love? We can’t!

This is Blue’s very first Valentine’s Day! He’s 7.5 months old, sort of a teenager at times (selective hearing & command requests denied) and other times still a bumbling puppy at others. The biting is waning, his self settling is becoming better and he still loves the Young & Restless chime at the end of the show that signals lunchtime. There are days he drives me batty and I’d like to trade him for an older model, then there are days when I love him even more than I had before. 

Onward to the little Valentine’s session with Blue! 

First the “studio” was created – the loveseat was rotated, yielding 51 inches of wall space between its back and the bookshelf.  Not an ideal setup, but it works with a bit of Photoshop magic. 

Decorations consisted of a Valentine’s Day sign. The monolight brought downstairs & paired with the 48 inch octobox (it was the first I grabbed from upstairs, and of course it was a monster one haha!). Both were positioned on the corner of the loveseat. 

Flash & camera at the ready, Blue was then wrangled into a girl’s pajama shirt. We began.

First shirt off and Blue stuffed into a lovely girl’s sweater. (When thrifting it’s easier to find hearts & love shirts in the girl’s section than in the boys.) The teenie weenie rug was also removed as it looked odd. A couple of sparkly hearts were added to the wall for a bit more pizazz! 

Sweater squeezed out of, we turned towards bandanas and fake roses. Bandana one had big hearts but didn’t photograph well. Bandana two had a ton of little hearts and looks quite awesome! 

The trickiest thing with Blue & the roses was handing them to him while focusing on him at the same time. 35mm + my arm length lends towards 3/4 portraits instead of full body. I think we managed to get some keepers!

Who wouldn’t love a Valentine from this handsome hunk? Do you have a favorite image of Blue? 

We hope you have a love filled Valentine’s Day with your dog! Blue, Kris & I send you ginormous love, hugs and kisses!

3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day with Kisses from Blue”

  1. Erin Schwartzkopf

    Omg! These are so sweet and I love the simple backdrop and just a couple of props! Just goes to show you do not have to have an intricate set to get super images!

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