Gift guide for dogs & people who love them!

The snow has fallen, the Christmas tunes are playing (egads!) and the tinsel coated holiday season is upon us! This means the gifting and holiday season (Thanksgiving to Christmas, occasionally on to New Years) has arrived! Time for gifts for all the dogs & the people who love them!

This is Blue’s first holiday season and Christmas!

Of course when asked what he would want for Christmas and what he’d recommend for other puppies & dogs, he merely gave me a head tilt and a look of… food, duh! Bwhahaha! Of course that’s what he’d reccommend!

His favorite treats: Bocce’s Bakery and Pure Bites Beef Liver. (Btw Blue says he will take 20 of each in the case that you’re getting him a gift haha!)

His favorite toys: a dollar store plastic bone, a half deflated volleyball, and Racool by Bulltug (Racool is a remnant from Bender, Blue also likes Trash & Seek also by Bulltug!) and Bark toys with squeakers and crunches. 

The following are some EPIC gifts for dogs and dog lovers! No affiliate links, these are just things we love!

Local Minnesota vendors we’ve met at the Minneapolis Pet Market!

For the dog lover:

For the dogs in your life:

Of course you can’t forget a portrait session with us – About A Dog Photography – or some AWESOME swag from Atomic Collars!

Happy early holiday season! Deck your pup and gift yourself or give gifts to the dogs & dog lovers in your life.

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