Milo, Maggie & Murphy | Sauk Rapids

Milo was the winner of the 500 Facebook Likes contest I had on my Facebook page. We waited for the weather to warm up so there would be no frozen tootsies. When it did finally warm up, he had his mom bring him, Maggie and Murphy out to a quaint park in Sauk Rapids for their session.

Note: even though it looks like the trio were running around naked, they were wearing collars and leashes so they would be safe and out of harm’s way. So if you’re worried that your pup isn’t good off leash, fear no more!

Downtown – 52 Week Project | St. Cloud

This week’s theme was downtown. I live within walking distance to historic downtown St. Cloud, so I harnessed up Axle and snagged Icey and we walked downtown to capture some of our favorite photography spots.

There is a skyscraper downtown that is floor to roof glass and reflects the sky and clouds wonderfully!

We then wandered towards the cathedral and Catholic school.

The next point of interest is probably the most photographed alley in St. Cloud!

Then on to a small set of stairs with a cool door and an intricate railing.

On our journey homeward, we found a beautiful old house and a elegant old church.

The gang and I were solidly pooped out from the walk! Mild weather has eluded us and we have been trying to embrace every day it doesn’t rain! Next up check out Khanya Photography, Poughkeepsie NY Pet Photography!