From the interim

It’s one of those posts that is challenging to create a title for.

No, we don’t want to be like “oh hey, it’s been awhile” (it has). Or a “hello, sorry we’ve been gone”. Classics when you’ve gone from blogging, to half ass blogging to forgetting that you have a blog (it’s really been nearly two months???).

From the interim.

– noun / the intervening time
– adjective / in or for the intervening period; provisional or temporary

What we’ve been up to since the end of January (the post previous to this one):

  • Hanging out with my stepdad & Axle, Tuesday – Friday
  • Learning to snowboard every weekend in February! (It’s tons of fun and has lots of falling down!)
  • Cover dog sessions for Sidewalk Dog (want to win a session & Atomic Collar?)
  • Watching lots of daytime TV and Roseanne…
  • TONS of updates to Atomic Collars
  • Learning new hobbies for the warm months: longboarding & roller skating!
  • Obsessing about doughnuts and archiving vintage doughnut recipes – frying will commence soon!
    (Stay up to date with those adventures over at Banterings!)

Axle says hi! He’s turning 10 this year….. EGADS!!! How did he get so old and grey?

From here forward, we’ll be able to do sessions in the evenings (starting at 6 pm) until the very end of May when the summer holiday starts. Then we can meet up during the week in the morning for an early golden hour (starting at 5:30 am!) or keep to the evening golden hour.

As for viewing sessions, we’ll have to conduct them in the evenings – we can do them virtually (via Skype) or in person (masks & being socially distant). Editing of your prints might be delayed a bit, please allow for a little extra time until we enter into June!

Remember, we’re booking about 2 weeks out for sessions! This puts us at the first week just after April (and Easter!).

We may have a little green foliage by then, but don’t be deterred by the browns! The golden browns of leftover grasses look AMAZING covered in golden light as the sun sets. Dark colored dogs, medium colored dogs and light colored dogs all would look stellar in the golds!

Or instead of strolling through the parks of browns and golds we can go urban and find bold murals, bricks and alleys, all while the area is quieter (summer could add more people out enjoying the weather).

** Remember: we can do a weekend session but there is a fee of $50 for the weekend – so the session will be $300. 

Days that aren’t available for sessions:

  • June 14th – 19th
  • August 9th (my birthday!)
  • November – December (for holidays & getting prints before Christmas)

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