The last Friday of the first month of the new year!

Today is the last Friday of the first month of the new year, the 2021 year, and where has it gone?

Mondays are captured by the part time gig, the rest of the week have me adventuring to Paynesville for hanging out with my stepdad, weekends hold variables of low key to high energy. 

New things are incoming for Atomic Collars (found 2″ pink webbing & rose gold hardware!) plus sewing like a fiend. Plus a new way to post the images to the website that invokes the feel of retro & atomic.  Awesome things are coming!

Sessions are less frequent in the January – March timeframe, often due to cold. Though this Jan has been quite tolerable without a single negative temp day (we’re still getting into 10 and below, just not negative!). The pause in sessions allows for reflection, some updates to be taken care of to the website, and any tweaking to service, workflow and the many many areas of a business.  This has captured a fraction of the month’s time. 

Add in ample TV (daytime TV… oh the drama in the soaps!), assorted meals, a bit of furnace repair and odd bits and ends and you’ve got January in a pod. 

How’s your first month of the new year been?

Today, January 29th is:

– National Big Wig Day (wear a big wig to raise funds for the American Cancer Society Look Good/Feel Better division)
– National Corn Chip Day
– National Puzzle Day

Upcoming virtual event: Union Depot’s Doggie Depot! 

Taking place on Saturday February 6th (the last weekend of Winter Carnival) Union Depot will be hosting their dog friendly event virtually. Pop in the morning to do guided yoga with your pup, then visit the vendors and watch the crowning of the King & Queen at 1 pm! There will be tons of giveaways throughout the day. 

For all of the details: Union Depot Doggie Depot 

Vintage Recipe Time!

From our beloved 1896 Cook Book – Friday, January the twenty-ninth, the menu submitted by Harriet Mann of Evanston, Ill. 

Quaker oats
Codfish in puree of potatoes
Bread and butter
Hominy drop cakes

Sardine salad
Cracker toast
Fairy gingerbread

Scotch roll
Shred cabbage
Riced potato
Togus bread
Cheese custards
Bread and butter

Breakfast starts fair (Quaker oats have been around since 1877!) then whisks us into an interesting protein – codfish for breakfast? Interesting! Luncheon holds mild minus the sardine salad, with dinner ramping into a vibe of Scottish heritage (though Togus bread comes more from Canada than Scotland…). Not exactly sure what shells might be. 

Upon searching, shells make be a baked cake or pastry, baked so there is a bowl that fruit or filling can be added to. Intriguing. Togus is a steamed bread with a cornbread base. The recipe is found in this blog post!

Recipes include: Codfish in Puree of Potatoes, Hominy Drop Cakes, Sardine Salad, Cracker Toast (buttered soda crackers heated until golden brown), Fairy Gingerbread, Scotch Roll, and Cheese Custards. 


One cupful of butter, two of sugar, one of milk, four of flour, one-third teaspoon soda, one tablespoonful ginger. Beat the butter to a cream; add the sugar gradually, and when light, the ginger; the milk in which the soda has been dissolved, and finally the flour. Turn baking pans upside down and wipe the bottoms very clean. Butter them and spread the cake very thin upon them. Bake in moderate oven until brown. While still hot cut into squares with a cake knife and slip from the pan. Keep in a tin box. This is delicious. With this quantity enough for several days may be made. Remember to spread it as thin as a wafer and cut it the instant it is take from the oven. 

*Moderate oven: 350-375

Remove the tough skin from about five pounds of flank of beef. With a sharp knife cut meat from the thick part and lay it upon the thin. Mix together two tablespoonfuls of salt, half a teaspoonful pepper, one-eighth teaspoonful of clove, and one teaspoonful of summer savory. Sprinkle this over the meat the sprinkle with three tablespoonfuls vinegar. Roll up and tie with twine. Put away in cold place for twelve hours. When it has stood so long, place it in a stew pan, cover with boiling water and simmer gently for three hours and a half. Mix four heaping tablespoonfuls of flour with half a cupful of cold water and stir into the gravy. Season to taste with salt and pepper and simmer half an hour longer. Good, either hot or cold. 

*Totally not the recipe I thought it would be! Rolls = a fluffy bread served with dinner. Google agrees that Scotch roll are bits of bread, not beef! 

Best of luck on the recipes! Have fun adventuring in the snow (we’re due for a bit more tomorrow) – we’re taking snowboard lessons tomorrow! EEEEEEEEEEK! Give your pup tons of loving!

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