Blue’s First Christmas aka Christmas with a puppy!

Showing up on Sunday formally, celebrated on multiple days if not the month long, it’s Christmas! Wrapped presents with fun surprises inside, the tree decked with lights and ornaments and a 6 month old puppy, huzzah!

If this is your puppy’s first Christmas here are some things to remember for Christmas day:

  • Unwrapping presents is fun but… don’t let your puppy eat the paper! Overall it probably won’t hurt them, but if you don’t want other paper things to be nommed on, then keep wrapping paper away. 
  • Leash your puppy as guests are entering or leaving, especially if your pup’s door manners aren’t the greatest. No one wants their puppy to dart out the door and engage in an epic game of chase throughout the neighborhood in knee deep snow, nor do they want grandma to be bowled over by an over zealous puppy. Or crate your puppy until guests have all arrived and crate them when guests begin to leave. 
  • Remember the Christmas tree is… an ADVENTURE! Keep breakable ornaments up out of nose reach (it’s higher than you think!) and make sure to keep a watchful eye on your puppy. This is great time to work on “leave it” for not only the tree and ornaments but also the presents nestled under the tree. If your puppy is extra naughty, put up a barrier so they can’t get to the tree and the goodies. (And also write to Santa about how naughty your puppy has been!)
  • Don’t forget nap times! Your puppy still needs ample sleep throughout the day (a 6 month old puppy needs 16-18 hours of sleep). If your house is busy & bustling, place your pup’s crate in a quiet guest bedroom. Check in on them every couple of hours – if they are snoozing let them sleep, if they are bright eyed and awake, give them a potty break and invite them to hang out with the guests.

Reference the blog post “Puppy safety for the holiday season” for a ton more tips, plus a GIANT list of foods your puppy can or can’t feast on this holiday season!

Our tree has been up since around Thanksgiving, with presents accumulating as the time draws nearer to Christmas. Blue hasn’t paid the tree much mind (artificial so it doesn’t smell more than the plastic and the box its kept in) and has casually sniffed the nose level ornaments. A knitted mitten ornament was gingerly removed by him, though I then took it from him. Most other ornaments are left alone with “leave it”. 

The presents have not been accosted or assaulted, instead they have merely been sniffed. The most energetic sniffing came from the BarkBox tucked further under the tree, but he couldn’t reach the box to tear into it. We’ll see what he does for Christmas! 

With the weather being snowy & quite cold (no temps over 10 degrees for the last week) I’ve been thinking of breaking out one of the studio lights and seeing what Blue thinks of them. 

Why not for the Christmas blog theme? Cue the montage fueled by Christmas music!

The loveseat was rotated from its window view to face the TV and the end table pushed as close to his crate as possible. Blue was a bit confused and rather curious. 

Upstairs for the light. Easy peasy. The remote trigger… that was harder to find, though it ended up in a logical place. (The craft / office room needs a solid decluttering…). Octobox snagged. Multiple trips up and down the stairs, octobox set up, light up, presents arranged for a backdrop and treats in hand. 

Camera shutter click, light recycle beep and not even the slightest flinch from Blue. He paid little attention to the big white shape & pops of light. Not even the slightest peep as this was a new weird shape in the living room (Swissys are great at letting you know when things are out of place haha!). 

Well I’ll be. This boy is truly a natural model! (Early camera conditioning for the win!)

Blue is doing his best to be patient waiting for Christmas & along with waiting to open his stocking (this was a hard feat, thus the limited stocking images haha!). He’s also an excellent present checker – no presents for you in that stack Blue! 

Kris, Blue & I all wish you a very merry holiday season brimming with love, family and smiles galore!

We’re in a blog ring of dog and pet photographers around the world! Next up Jessica Wasik with Bark & Gold Photography offers five ways to honor your pet on your first Christmas without him.

For those techy type people: 
* Nikon D5 + Tamron 35-150mm f2.8-4 & Tamron 17-35mm f2.8-4 (17mm was switched to for the end of the session). 
* Settings were 1/125th shutter, aperture  f2.8 to f4 pending lens & focal range, ISO 200 to 160
* Light: Interfit S1 at 3-5 power? (I didn’t pay much attention to it) + 36″ Angler BoomBox with outer baffle
*** Both the Interfit S1 & Angler Boombox are discontinued – there is a version 2 of the BoomBox available fyi!

7 thoughts on “Blue’s First Christmas aka Christmas with a puppy!”

  1. Blue is quite the model! Beautiful Christmas photos! Great tips – the leashing up when guests arrive is a big one that is so helpful to keep our pups successful 🙂 Merry Christmas, Cahlean!

  2. I love the tip to leash your puppy while guests are entering and leaving. I’m lazy and just put my dogs up, but training is so much better. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

  3. omgggggg, this is the first I’ve seen Blue and I am totally in love! Lucky you!!! This is our first year without Moose and one thing that is different: we can actually put the Christmas presents under the tree. With Moose we couldn’t because he was too nosy! LOL Have a very Merry Christmas and I wish I could visit!!!

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