New Year’s things to achieve, not resolve

The fresh new year arrives tomorrow after a celebration that peaks at the midnight hour with champagne, noisemakers and glitter galore. 

With the new year comes multitudes of resolutions. Things people resolve to settle or find a solution to whether it be undesired traits, behaviors or personal goals. 

Resolve the things. Hmm… isn’t a resolving something taking care of something “problematic”? We’re looking for the “cure” in a sense for the problematic things instead of creating a “preventative” that keeps us from getting the problematic thing in the first place and needing a cure. 

Instead of resolutions this year, I’m making a list of things to achieve. To achieve is to successfully bring about or reach.  Instead of resolving something problematic, why not achieve a goal instead?

New Year’s 2023 things to achieve:

  • Dogs of the North Shore – indeed another book! EEEEEK! Lots of logistics to come. Let us know if you want to be part of the book!
  • Quarterly Short & Sweet Sessions, one for each season. 
  • Minimum of 4 sessions a month – totally doable! That would be a whopping 48 sets of dogs & their people for the span of the year!
  • A studio space! For when the weather chills or grows too hot. Home based is easiest, I think it would be cool to have a space that others could rent too!
  • Scouting new locations at least once a month with Blue.
  • An indoor dog park! A very far out project & goal, but it could be considered for the coming year!
  • Better weight management – there are 30 lbs that need to be shifted off. I have the methods, just need to employ them and stick to them. 
  • Eating more healthy things and less sugary things. 
  • Hiking with Blue, at least once a month packing up and visiting a state park on the parks list from Minnesota
  • Camping with Blue! We’d need a few bits more of supplies and we might be more of glampers but it would be fun to spend the night in various places around the state!
  • Baking at least once a month, making waffles once a month and doughnuts a few times a year. I love baking but my energy has been a bit blah for baking. 
  • Being more social – whether a book club, a thrifting buddy, glass collecting friend, or with fellow dog people, social & new friends is an achievement for next year

From the start of the new year until the end of the year is the deadline for the achievements. Each one of them is doable, some requiring more oomph and motivation, others more logistics. And what better thing to look back on the year and see the things you’ve achieved? 

Whereas if you work to resolve things for the coming year you may skimp on it, might not get far (a huge portion of resolutions are left to the curb within the first 3 months of the new year…)

Here’s to the coming achievements of 2023! Much love from Blue, Kris and myself!