Blue at 10 Weeks

Originally the blue collar boy of the Baked Goods litter of Tanger & Gus, Remington’s Pride Blueberry Buckle aka Blue is now 10 weeks old! And what better way to celebrate our growing pup with a puppy session?

Last Friday marked one week with us, while Labor Day Monday marked his 10th week age. Blue is full of personality and tiny little shark teeth. He’s becoming more comfortable with new people, as long as they don’t move fast, let him approach and have treats handy. We’ve adventured to Petco, Petsmart & Pet Evolution (no floor contact) as well as Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Fleet Farm. 

Blue is a champion napper, is learning the basics as well a dead, rollover and place. He’s smart and its fun watching him learn. But man those baby shark teeth!!! OUCH! He tends to bite when he’s overly amped up (enthusiastic play, brisk walking or running, or just being overly tired). Hands, shirts, pants are all open to be chomped on. We’re working on communicating that baby shark teeth and people aren’t compatible as well as some bite inhibition (bite pressure that’s ok vs too much). Being people and not fellow puppies or dogs, the communication isn’t always conveyed perfectly, but we’re working on it together!

He’s warmed up to Kris, is still getting to know Kellen, and thinks my mom is rather happy & pleasant (as a “grandma” ought to be!).

Oh did I mention how HANDSOME and CUTE Blue is when not in baby land shark mode?

For Blue’s portraits we hung out around our yard – the flowers are blooming and there’s a ton of variety for backdrops! We wrangled Hickory the fox for some grow with me images – Hickory will always stay the same size, while Blue will get bigger!

And check out the blips Blue is good at! A blip is when a puppy or dog’s tongue just sticks out very slightly haha!

And what is like doing Blue’s portraits? Half crazy! He got excited about each weird sound I made, which turned on the baby land shark. Luckily mere seconds are what are needed so the bouncy, squirmy Blue looks like a superstar poser! 

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