Tell your dog's story perfectly

The light wanes into a lovely golden color, the location is perfect (minus those pesky mosquitoes!), your dog is sporting her favorite collar or his best bow tie, while I begin to capture this little part of your story, your bond, the essence of your dog and who they are.

With up to an hour and half of time, we will be able to explore, savor the light and giggle at the antics of your dog. The end result is a collection of classic, vibrant, timeless images that you will cherish for years to come.

Standard About Your Dog Session  |  250

Perks of this session:

• up to one and a half hours of photography

• includes three dogs & their immediate family
   (additional dogs $25 each, family members jump in for free!)

• you & your dog get to pick the perfect location 
  Need location ideas? My favorites around St. Cloud & in the Twin Cities!)

• Tons of fun, silly sounds & as many treats as your dog can handle

** Prints & products are available separately. 

After the session there is a complimentary Viewing Session (at your home or a local coffee shop – did I mention Caribou Coffee is my favorite?) where we will oogle at all of your dog’s images, you will meet all of the prints and products that are available and pick the perfect ones to tell your dog’s story.

Short & Sweet Session | 125

EXCLUSIVE for VIPs only!
20 mins of photography
limited availability 
• includes an exclusive complimentary product

 *Get the all details & VIP status here!


** Prints & products are available separately from the session amount. Small prints start at 75, frameable wall art starts at 200. There is no minimum order though most clients average 800-1700 on their wall art and print investment. Visit the Prints & Products page for more information on all of the awesome prints & products that will tell your dog's story perfectly. 

But my dog is overly bouncy, won't sit still and can't be trusted off leash... 
 --- No problem! Leave the leash on.  I'd rather have your dog on leash for safety and wrangling vs having them going for a sprint into the next county because oh gosh, look a squirrel / dog / another person!

Approx 98% of the dogs I photograph have been on a leash. Bet you can't even tell! That's some pretty awesome magic!

Leash removal, tag removal, eye boogers cleaned up and all other editing finishing touches are all included with every session!

Want to see more "magic"? Visit the Before & After page for more examples! 

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