The “magic” that happens behind the scenes during the final editing process included in every About A Dog Session. Eyeboogers, leashes, head swaps, trash & dirty snow cleanup, removal of body parts are are no match for my “magic” skills (yes my magic is performed in Photoshop). 

Happy & Toby were leashed with a spare arm from dad in the frame. Activate magic! Ta-dah!

The adorable puppy Gus had a cute leash, but he looked much more stunning in just his bowtie with his eye boogies cleaned up!

The stunning Sophie! She had just mastered sit pretty and was happy to show it off. Mom and the leash were magically removed!

The lovely Suzi is a critter chaser so having a leash kept her in range of my camera (and treats!)

The handsome Jake McBeagle in a touching moment with his mom. His leash was removed and per request of his mom, her shirt color was changed.

My adorable lughead Bender! He was tied to the dock, so the leash came out, as did some distracting buoys in the water. ** He always wears a harness so I leave it in his images. Harnesses are VERY VERY challenging to remove – I recommend having your dog bring a collar with and we will swap to collar only during pictures and harness for walking.**

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