Mr. Blue Sky | 52 Weeks

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Oh Mr. Blue Sky, how welcome you are, especially when you blanket us with those lovely warm temps and dapple with poofy white clouds akin to drawings of children. Granted, those clouds often congregate, sewn together like a lumpy quilt to hide the blue or become whirling dervishes of teenagers full of thunder and deep greys, peeing everything in their path. Ah the bipolarness of early summer in Minnesota.

Blue skies in the morning, the early sun heading into the upward crest of day. We considered, strolled out to the peonies, considered further. The neighboring park was neatly trimmed, set with a smattering of trees, two playgrounds on each end. Too flat. Nothing exciting. A glance out the front door after an inspection of Bender barking sparked an idea. We’ll use the front yard.

A white not wood picket fence tucks a corner, skips over the sidewalk, then strolls the rest of the length of the lot, ending at a row of bushes horizontal to it.

Previous owners have developed the garden nestled in front of the fence to be a display. Currently the flowers are tones of purples and pinks, roses, poppies and peonies (and purple flowers that we haven’t the clue as to their lineage). In the corner tuck, on the backside are irises in purples and yellows.

This corner area is on the corner of the yard as well as the street, the park residing kitty corner, a main artery of street the separation. The openness of the street lends to a perfect little cutout of sky above the white picket fence. Charming indeed!

The newest of the strobes was put into employment, (this in itself is a minor battle of just lug it vs not lug it out, end result is always good but getting to just lug it out is still a push to create the habit), Bender was suited up with a collar and we began. 

Not quite the “oomph” we were looking for…

Alright, this resembles where we want the end result to be…

Drat, the camera battery is dead. Swap to spare, hope the whole rig of lighting isn’t spontaneously inspired to take flight in the manner of a kite. 

It stays.

We resume.

Right handed key light worked, but didn’t quite carry the “look” that we were aiming for. The strobe was moved, the sun scuttled behind the clouds, manipulating the exposure of this chunk of the world.

We waited. Reloaded on treats, allowing the clouds to make their passes at the sun. (Can you tell when we had full sun?)

Note that little touch of odd blur on the catching images – ambient light! Since there was full sun it added extra light, so while the image is frozen by the strobe, the sun “stayed on” when the movement happened. An interesting effect indeed.

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