Classic Session

For those who ADORE their dogs as well as prints & wall art!

Up to an hour and a half grants us plenty of time to explore the perfect location (or two locations like a park and downtown for ultimate variety in images) and capture every detail of your dog. From flying sprints or catching a ball, to the perfect (and not so perfect sits) to the little details such as ears, tail, eyes and butt hair, we will have the time to show the all the personality of your dog, as well as their bond with you and how they make your family whole.

Fun is the theme of this session and the relaxed pace is perfect to let your dog warm up to the camera (perfect for shy dogs). If we don’t get a sit or hold still, don’t stress! The more fun we make the session, the more your dog will be up for showing off her personality!

And if we don’t make it the full hour and half, no worries! Sometimes, just like us, our dogs poop out after an hour long walk (or hour long shopping jaunt). When your dog decides she is done, we will wrap up and meander back to the car, pausing only if the sunset goes wild. 

The classic session is IDEAL if you want to bring your dog’s images to live as touch & feel prints, wall art, albums and more! You get a $150 print credit to use towards anything you’d like! (Have you seen all the awesome ways to bring your dog’s images to life? If not head to the Prints & Products page!

Pick and choose the perfect pieces to create the ultimate artwork showcasing your pup during the Viewing Session – which will take place typically 2 weeks after your session. The Viewing Session is where you’ll get to see your images for the first time! EEEEEEEEEEK! If we meet in person you’ll get to see and touch samples of each print & product you can pick from. (The Acrylic Blocks are MEGA awesome in person! Albums will make you swoon and the deckled edge prints are one of a kind!)

If meeting in person we can meet at a coffee shop (Caribou is my FAV!), a brewery, your home to look over the images and pick your favorites. (This will be the hardest part!) 

If we are meeting virtually you’ll get to be entertained by show & tell of the available products over Skype after we oogle at your dog’s awesome images. 

Once all of your favorites are picked, we will decide how to bring them to life. You get to pick the perfect pairings for you! Fill the walls with ready to hang options in a plethora of finishes (acrylic, wood, metal & canvas), stick classic with prints + frames, or opt for playful modern circles. Deck your desk and shelves with acrylic blocks, albums and more! Mix and match to your heart’s desire!

Past client galleries – gawk through and be inspired! (The pup in the images could be yours!)

Kaedo's Gallery - click to view
Clarabelle's Gallery - click to view
Moe's Gallery - click to view
Shiloh's Gallery - click to view
Gus & Zeus's Gallery - click to view

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