Classic Session

Your story starts here with the Classic Session.

Up to an hour and a half grants us plenty of time to explore the perfect location (or two locations like a park and downtown for ultimate variety in images) and capture every detail of your dog. From flying sprints or catching a ball, to the perfect (and not so perfect sits) to the little details such as ears, tail, eyes and butt hair, we will have the time to show the all the personality of your dog, as well as their bond with you and how they make your family whole.

Fun is the theme of this session and the relaxed pace is perfect to let your dog warm up to the camera (perfect for shy dogs). If we don’t get a sit or hold still, don’t stress! The more fun we make the session, the more your dog will be up for showing off her personality!

And if we don’t make it the full hour and half, no worries! Sometimes, just like us, our dogs poop out after an hour long walk (or hour long shopping jaunt). When your dog decides she is done, we will wrap up and meander back to the car, pausing only if the sunset goes wild. 

The Classic Session will yield a plethora of images bursting with personality. But you’ll have to wait to until the Viewing Session to see them –  it’s a stellar surprise!

All products, prints and digital images are available separately. This means you will have complete freedom to pick exactly how you want to show off your dog’s images from stunning wall art, modern but classic prints or an album. Mix and match to your hearts content (or your wall space!).

After the session there is a complimentary Viewing Session (at your home or a local coffee shop – did I mention Caribou Coffee is my favorite?) where we will oogle at all of your dog’s images, you will meet all of the prints and products that are available and pick the perfect ones to tell your dog’s story.

Book your session!

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Gawk at our favorite Minneapolis & St. Paul area locations. 

Visit the galleries below to see some examples of what a Classic Session might look like with your dog. 

Shiloh's Gallery - click to view
Gus & Zeus's Gallery - click to view
Gatsby & Dublin's Gallery - click to view
Moe's Gallery - click to view