Safety first – stay on leash!

Safety first – stay on leash for your photography session is the best advice for the most frequently asked (or worried about) question: What if my dog can’t be off leash? 

No worries! If your dog can’t be off leash, keep them hooked up! This holds true even for dogs with mega stellar recall. Not only does a leash keep your dog safe (no chasing after squirrels, no running off to play with dog friends or people, or darting into traffic) but a leash will help us wrangle your dog into the ideal area for a perfect portrait. 

(Plus many towns & cities have leash laws that REQUIRE your dog to be on leash.)

How does a leash help with wrangling my dog?

Being on leash gives your dog a smaller radius of exploring. Which means your dog will stay in the area of the pretty light, the plants, rocks, graffiti, or any artistic background instead of heading willy nilly in a larger area. Additionally we can use your dog’s leash to tether them to a fence, tree or bridge and work together to get your dog’s attention. 

What if I want action shots? 

Then we’ll break out a really really really long leash (also known as a drag line or training leash). This will grant your dog 30 ft of running room to chase a ball or toy chucked towards the camera & myself (bonus points if you hit me haha!). We can get jumping images, running images, all the action bits and know your dog is completely safe!

Will the leash be in my pictures?

Nope! With 10+ years of editing magic the leash will disappear and your dog will look like an off leash pro! In fact 95% of the dogs I’ve photographed have been ON LEASH! (The 5% who have been off leash have been in the safety of their yards!). You’ll see the leash in the images during your Viewing Session but the leash will be removed from all of the images you purchase!

Check out the magic below:


For safety’s sake, stay leashed! You’ll keep your dog safe, be able to wrangle them and end up with EPIC & STUNNING images of your dog!

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