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February, the season of romance, flowers, chocolate and the expression of love. The 14th is the formal day that we celebrate love, though we believe that love should be celebrated year round. Btw, we love you!

A stroll amongst garments of the Mart yielded a pair of Valentine’s shirts, one sized me, one sized Bender (randomly he fits a boys 5T…). Light set up, Bender dressed and semi willing to work (he knows he gets treats when the “big light” is out and is a tiny bit more eager to work as a model) and the loveseat dressed in a buffalo check blanket.

That pose… man he cracks me up! The dainty paw cross, the dewy eyes and softly held ears. The best awkwardly suave model around.

We moved the loveseat and Bender showed off his up/beg skills.

Wardrobe change! The white shirt (sized for me) was a bit big on Bender and didn’t read as well as we thought it would – it says “Love is everywhere”. The white shirt was paired with the flowers we gave Kris for our 4th Kissiversary.

“Mom… this is completely ridiculous… who does props?”

We swapped back to the “Cupid’s wingman” shirt then wrapped up for the evening.

This in not the end of the Love theme. Pass a few days of time, a little rooting around in an artsy crafts box and ta-dah – Valentine’s string lights!

There’s a technique that involves a mask with a shape cut out it that turns your bokeh dots into whatever the shape is. Rummaged around and found the masks we had created a couple years ago.

The first time we used the masks was in 2017, awwww Axle! (Geez he hardly has any greys! To see more: 52 Week Project | Love)

The thought was a beg with lovely little hearts hanging out in the background behind Bender. The lights were strung across the loveseat, the flashlight of the cell phone our main light source.

The trick is to not get the hearts looking like butterflies, Pacman or cat ears…

It wasn’t working to hold the mask in front of the lens and with the same hand encourage Bender into an up/beg (he watches for the visual cue – which is why longer distances apart make it harder to get him to beg).

We took a break.

Kris arrived home – huzzah for an extra set of hands! He’s an awesome helper with wrangling Bender as well as the human “light stand”.

Swapped out lenses from 35mm to 50mm. Better hearts, but all the room we had was for tight headshots!

Bender was pooped out so we wrapped up and snuggled in on the couch.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Next visit: Angela Schneider of Noses & Toes Pet Photography, unabashedly celebrating your love for your dog in Spokane and North Idaho.

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