Thwarting the hacked.

The terror rose in a flutter of heart pulses. 

Instead of vibrant, playful images of dogs scrolling neatly across the screen, there was a hiccup. A green dot, a shade darker than a tennis ball. Loading…

Congrats! You’re the winner for being the #! (Cue the digital confetti cannon!). Let’s get you sorted out to win your prize. SHIT!

The back button couldn’t be frantically clicked fast enough. 

Malicious activity had landed upon About A Dog Photography. We were hacked. Massive swear words and deep frustration were uttered. 

Headed to support to receive a consult via the helpful help chat. 

Let me root around a bit chimed the support.
Doo dah doo dah deedle peedle doo…

Support returns:
It seems there is a plugin issue.
Can’t tell you which, but when all were off the problem went away.
They’re all back on again, you will have to find the one. 
Best of luck, bon voyage!

Long trailing exhale, ebbed with frustration. 













Plugins were turned off, and unused ones were removed. (Plugins are little packaged programs that work to create aspects of one’s website – from contact forms, to galleries and overall how the end website looks.) The problem went away. 


It returned. #@$@%#%@$$@$@%#$&#&@&@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!













More plugins turned off, the celebratory held for the span of a week or so, then bashed to bits as the green loading ball returned. 

The frustration compounded, packing tightly upon itself so that the pressure may begin to create a diamond. Not only were social links getting sent outward, but the handy dandy Google search we utilize that gives us billions of results in nanoseconds was shifting people to collect a suspicious prize that one may find under the coat of an alley dweller. 

On the morning, an inkling crept in on tiny spider feet – check the site. 

Guess what had resurfaced is grassy green head. 

Answered were inquired, the keywords flagging in Google to land me at a security plugin that stood out from it the others. It lended helpful insight how to fix the problem manually (found deep in the depths of code) or one could install the plugin to have them run the process. They ranked high on a list of options on another site and when one of the other test and see sites said there was no problem, we invested. 


June 1st. 
The terror of the loading dot has been trampled. Finally and forever. 



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