Beyond the Barking Basics



Beyond the Barking Basics Course is a deep dive into photography that goes waaaaay beyond those basic auto modes, presented in a fun, straightforward and understandable manner with your dog as the main subject!

We cover:

  • Aperture // what it is, how to manipulate it, what does it do
  • Depth of field // how is it manipulated 
  • Shutter // what it is, how to manipulate it
  • ISO 
  • White balance
  • Raw vs jpg
  • Introduction to light // learning to see it & use it 

+ Each lesson will include downloadable PDF cheatsheets!

You’ll have homework after each day to put the words into action that will make the information stick for those ah-ha moments of understanding. Plus you’ll be part of a facebook group where you can share your homework, learn, help and inspire others who are gaining their skill in photography along with you.

You will gain lifetime access to the course for a self paced course (the modules/lessons will be released on a weekly basis once you start).